Wifi Issues

Steady issues with this grow box though.

Went to go do a drain and fill noticed the blue light is flashing super fast . Followed the instructions on it either reconnecting itself or unplugging it and it should hook back up . Well none of that is happening and I’m typing this on my Homes network right now .

Grobo is not popping up in my wi/fi list after 3 unplugs now and can’t connect …not sure how long this issue will last . So much for today’s water change .

It finally connects then disconnects again in the middle of a water change so the app is saying its draining when nothing is happening …so now I’m stuck here with the door open hose in a bucket and no connection but my phone is working fine off the same network .

Got the solid green light now ready to connect . Again I’m typing this on my phone which is connected to my house wifi and it still won’t connect …it is showing neighbours wifi’s and won’t show mine . When the gro box that’s promoted as simple as easy and takes no time , wastes my night just trying to get it to connect kinda leaves no room for fun .

Hey @Rob,

I’ve received your support ticket, thanks for sending that email in. We are troubleshooting now and will update this thread once we have solved this issue.


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@Stoned hey , I would send in a ticket .

They looked into mine and they found record of it acting pretty wacky for 3 hours. I have done a factory reset and it’s online but it’s not adding nutrients after my drain and fill . Hopefully you don’t have those problems … try unplugging it for a few minutes and make sure your network is online .

Still having connectivity issues , it won’t stay online.

It’s bern days now too … I think at this point there is definitely something wrong with the intervals of this machine .