Why is my gg plant growing so slow

It’s on her 3week and she is barely at two nodes ?? She did struggle first few days i overwater them and was using cheap Home Depot soil…after I transferred them into 1 gallon pots from the solo cups and also changed the medium they started in I change it to Nector of the God’s num4 and also started their nutrientent line…if you wondering why it says King Kong it’s caused I have a few plants :seedling: so this is how I distinguish which is which


How does it compare to the rest of your grows? Did you also use the Home Depot soil on those ones as well or only this one?

This is my very first grow :upside_down_face:


Could be alot of factors in play. Let it go, sometimes you’d be surprised how plants recover especially this early on. Post another picture here in a week. Im curious to see. Whats your EC at?

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Wats ec ? am new to the whole growing thing still have a lot of words to learn lol

How much are you feeding your plant?

Could honestly just be bad genetics/seed too but regardless id still let it go. Worst case you only get a little yield but why not. Might be some good stuff, never know. Good learning curve too.

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She looks good… she Probly was just going through shock from overwateri g and cheap soil… you also just transplanted so it went through some stuff … soil grows slower than most mediums so just give her time … if you have switched to soil that has nutrients in it I would only feed water that has been ph until you start seeing deficiency somewhere then go with nutes… if you have started nutes start lightly maybe 200 ppm she how she does and then slowly increase… growth also depends on lighting too … if you have her under weak lights she will grow slower and use less nutrients… bunch of different factors but I’d say she looks good… I have a seedling at day 17 who is so tiny it makes me laugh

What’s funny is she is so small and won’t grow fast but yet her roots are already poking out the bottom while the bigger seedling’s roots are not… sometimes you just get a slow grower I wouldn’t worry too much


The first week and half I was feeding it ror water it was ph to 6.5-6.6.now am doing the Nector of the gods nutrient line 5ml-magic -5ml Gaia - 5ml Zeus ph to 6.4-6-6





growing so slow

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