White Widow

Hoping so, but now I’m against a clock. Moving at the end of the month. So basically gives me one more week of flower and about 10 days for flush. It’ll be close.



How do you do a flush with soil? I’m currently on an organic grow so not concerned this time around.

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Same thing ad dwc, just feed with ph’d ro water and flawless finish


The poddried out too fast. Saw it this morning and manually topped it up to touch the pod. Just leave it to correct?


So here is the verdict. My first grow ever in my grobo yielded 21 grams dry. I obviously wanted more but I’m happy with the result and the curing process has begun.

Will be cleaning the grobo up tonight and starting a new grow.

Thank you all who took the time to answer all my questions throughout the grow. Really appreciated.


Hey @Stephane

It will only get better. The plant genetic lottery is also a key factor but the effort and training you do will help for sure. I can’t recall if you topped but that will be a good first start if you didn’t on this grow.


Hey @Azuri

I did top once but I think the pH probe not being calibrated at the beginning of the grow probably didn’t help. I will also top a second time this time around and also do a little more training. Now that I know what to look for I’ll be a little more proactive instead of being reactive.

I also didn’t want to add more time on my first grow because I took it as a learning experience and did I ever learn a ton.


I topped twice in my first grow and created many bud sites bud a lot were under the canopy and came out as larf buds but they still smoked great


All good. Yeah just one topping imo adds 5 days to veg for recovery. I did it twice so I added 10 days to this grow and to be honest I’d think about 75% of the grows here that I’ve seen needed extra days in flower. The default recepies are just templates and will deliver results and now with more knowledge of recovery time and ripening buds adding some time will become less intimidating. :+1:


@Azuri I definitely agree. The recipes will deliver results even if someone doesn’t want to be hands on in their grow. After all the Grobo is an automated system.

For me as a beginner I think its great, i’m learning at my own pace and ill only get better with time. I hope that in the future there will be an option to add extensions to your plants stages manually. obviously I would put a disclaimer in the app informing the grower that changing the schedule is not guaranteed to give you the best results.

On the other hand if the user gets given that power there could be potential for even more support tickets cause by user error.

I don’t know just a thought.


One can only hope. Many of the things we would like to see are in the app already but have been disabled while others still need to be developed. Crossing my fingers growers can get a lttile control over our grows. Hope we see some updates soon. :+1:


Amazing how fast this strain grows. DaY 22


WW is a legit awesome strain. I’m glad I grew it as my first.


2nd time the pod has dried out but you never know until it’s like bone dry.

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Hey @Todd.grobo

I would say if your roots are in the resevouir the pod being dry is not a big issue. Might need a check up on your pH. :+1:

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The roots are 12 to 18 inches long and in the water. I’ll open a ticket


The same thing happened to me @Todd.grobo my pod was gone dry my roots are in the water too.

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Yeah didn’t happen on my first grow. Half the plant collapsed. I think k shell recover

That looks brutal man!! Did you get a ticket in?