White Widow

Here are a few shots of the progress I have had so far with my first grow.

Now on day 21.
So far so good :slight_smile: what do you all think?



Nice and Healthy Looking… :wink::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::groboone::green_thumb:


I think your well on your way !!! Great job


Coking up looking healthy!

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Can I ask why you selected that particular strain @Stephane. Seems to be popular and I am curious as to everyone’s reason

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White Widow is a very old and very stable strain that most breeders have used or crossed. All the ‘white’ strains have their basis here. I often use WW for testing in the lab due to it’s consistency. Running some WW x Big Bud from female seeds now.


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Thanks for sharing @Stephen

It’s always good to hear. One day all the stupid names of the plants will be changed to whatever new system takes over so before they change that always trying to sponge up info on each strain.

It’s not like we can go to the store and buy strains to try because everywhere in calgary is sold out of almost all strains. I just keep seeing ww pop up.
Thanks for sharing



So here is the story of why I picked White Widow as my first strain to grow.

As soon as I heard about Grobo, I just fell in love with the idea of a discreet growing system in my own home. The only thing that stopped me from ordering one earlier is the unfortunate stigma that came with Cannabis throughout the entire duration of the prohibition, and my wife was simply not hearing my pleas. So my dream was crushed when she told me “Like hell your getting one of those!”.

Time goes on, and I was hanging out with my best friend who unfortunately was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia this past year. I started thinking that what the hell if ever I have the opportunity, I will grow for my friend and provide him with the medicine he needs.

Fast forward to a day prior to legalization. I finally convinced my dear wife to get on board with this idea and I went with it and purchased my Grobo. As soon as the purchase was made I started my application process for designate grower for medical purpose through Health Canada. Now here comes my dilemma. Due to my location being in Ontario and Grobo is in Ontario I received my Grobo Lightning fast and I was without seeds.

Went online to truenorthseedbank and comparing the strains along with the recipe I picked 2 seeds of Blueberry Auto. With a short grow time I was all in. On check out I picked my free seed and it was White Widow.

So the Grobo is sitting there in my basement completely powerless and not growing nothing. Finally I received the seeds and I asked my friend what would he prefer. I’m sure he did a ton of research and went for the White Widow.

I’m now quite glad I didn’t start with the Auto. After all the Grobo is designed to take the guess work out and you can sit back and enjoy.

and thats it! thats why I picked White Widow.

Sorry for the long winded story. I just figured this was a lot better explanation than “My friend picked it.”



I love this. Thanks for sharing @Stephane, and good on you for helping out a friend in need.

I award you 1000 cool person points. Don’t spend them all at once. :wink:


Thanks for sharing
I hear ya on the seeds. My wife’s friend has a govt licence for a large number and gave me a blueberry seed. That was my first grow and as it was a govt provided seed but ended up Male.

Very commendable your growing for your friend. Similar situation myself for my wife.
Truenorth does seem to have the best selection so far but pricing seems high imho.

I look forward to seeing more photos of your ww. It will be grown next after tangerine dream and my spe ial queen #1. Hopefully I’ll get my hands on some Jean guy seeds soon and that’s next after ww. I need a 2nd and 3rd grobo for all the other stuff I want to grow non cannabis related lol.


Jean Guy is awesome. I had some way back in the day and just received my order from the Ontario Cannabis Store.

Just so awesome! If you get a whole bunch of the jean guy seeds send a couple my way, I’ll email transfer you some money lol.


I’ll let you know when I order next

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Day 22 :smile:


Ok just got back from Nashville TN, 3 days and I was super worried that I would come back to a dead plant or something.

Here she is in all her glory.

I topped her and gave her a small hair cut from a few bottom leaves that were in the shade, I didn’t want to go too overboard since I topped her and I don’t want to hurt her too much.

Let me know if I need to do anything else :slight_smile:



Hey @Stephane, was that your first top yes?


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Hey @Stephane

I think your ONA gel is bit close to the Grobo. I know for certain you shouldnt put inside the Grobo and others said don’t even keep it in the same grow room. Keep that in mind as it can change the taste and flavours in a negative way. I could be overly parnoid but thought I’d throw it out there for you. :+1:


Had done my the day before lol. We really do have the same set up. I think we have the same pH/EC meters also haha. Let me guess, Amazon?

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Ok I’ll remove the ONA gel from the room and place it outside. Thanks for the heads up.