White Widow from previous post (Plant is dying help/ resolved)

Don’t get me excited Hazy! This will be fun! My first grow was without incident but I am four days into my second and already having issues, waiting on a EC probe replacement now and I broke off the bottom of my cocoa pod by mistake, the shell was stuck on the third day I wet and pulled it off, half of my bottle #2 just got dosed, my leaf looks crazy and brown and I am running out of product. So I bet this grow will yield my best weight yet!

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Looking forward to it already :blush:
Happy growing @Bplatinum9 :green_heart::point_up:t4:

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Curious as to what our in house professional horticulturalist thinks? @Stephen

*regarding when to start flush, should I let her sit in flower? Or start 12 day flush sooner rather then later?

Hey @Hazy_Hoose,

I agree with most here, another week + before I’d pull her down. I like to see the red’s of it’s eyes before I pull her down, and don’t see any yet. (Amber trichomes)

Awesome recovery, it can take a village to raise a plant sometimes, even in an automated system. We have the best village thanks to all the cool people here that are willing to share and help out. Big thanks to @Osage for his help on this one.

Looking forward to the smoke report…



Roger that, you dont have to tell me twice. Thanks again for all your amazing work :point_up:t4::raised_hands:t4::100:


I had the same curiosity Hazy, in how much better my next grow would be, here’s a preview from last week:

I trimmed her a bit yesterday and extended transition for a few more days, she’s just below the 2nd fan already!!


Hazy are you running autos like @vegetato?


Yeah my first grow is white widow auto, im thinking next grow im going fem to control the circumstances a little more


Your plants looked similar is why I asked being both stocky and full. I have yet to try an auto but looking at everyone else’s it may not be such a bad idea!


@Bplatinum9 what do you have against autos?!! (kidding!)

I chose to grow autoflowers in the grobo for two reasons:

  1. My experience in the past has been with “bag seeds” and was mainly outdoors. This time, I wanted to experience the “latest & greatest technology has to offer” which (to me) basically meant less time spent growing and no need to worry much about light schedule - that sounded great!

  2. Similar to not being concerned about light schedule for the growth factors, I also didn’t want to be surprised should I find an issue like a light leak or power outage or a timing bug or [insert potential issue here] causing the lights not to go out during 12/12 cycle. I didn’t know what to expect but wanted to minimize the potential of this being an issue until I understood the behavior of the grobo enough to trust it on a longer grow.

I’m glad to have gone with autoflowers, because:

  • there have been some weeks where I didn’t have any time to spend during the “lights on” time but needed to clean or fill or do something to tend to the grow, so what I’d do is just shift the lights to stay on for 4-5 hours longer and do what I needed to within that window instead. if she were photoperiod that would’ve come with more risk attached.

  • I’m used to plants that are at least 5’ tall when they start to flower, which don’t really fit in the grobo. I’ve heard that autos stay small, and the ones I grew outdoor this year (my two and one elsewhere) seems to confirm that. I believe the grobo is the perfect platform for an autoflower given the constraints.

  • I ran into environmental issues trying to keep my room cool (still an ongoing battle, need a newer/better A/C unit), which affected the lights when the unit overheated and also caused issues like root rot that I had to deal with. Have seen mention of autoflowers being less resilient to such things, but what I enjoyed about them during that time was not worrying about whether or not it was causing it to flip into flower or revert to a vegetative state (as I had no control over this, but also had no concern that it’d revert).

  • After torturing my first autoflowers enough (accidentally) it’s provided quite a bit of insight into what they will and won’t tolerate. What I’ve learned from these will definitely help should I choose to go with a photoperiod strain in the future, but chances are I’ll stick with the autos.


My issue with auto flowers is that I’ve never grown one! Lol!
Have you much experience with fem/photos? I know it depends on the strain but I’m just looking for a better yield with a very high CBD rate. I have never grown anything so the kush n cookies was my first! It didn’t get very tall either! Thanks for the pros on autos I definitely will consider them when buying seeds next time!

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The idea of feminized and autoflower seeds was new to me so by no means consider me an expert on genealogy. Just sharing my approach and experience.

Up until this year I’ve only ever planted and traded seeds that I found in dried buds.

There are people in /r/microgrowery (on Reddit) who are growing photoperiod strains in thimbles and such so it is possible to keep them small, but (speaking from experience) they can tend to grow larger than one would expect. :wink:


I wish that had been my case! But I did go with a 50/50 indica/sativa so I knew it wouldn’t be massive just was hoping for taller than the second fan.


What I’ve found is breeders use a recommendation, but base this off their very controlled environments in which may be very different than yours. The seeds I’ve purchased typically say 60-75 days in flower before harvest for photos

The tricomes are a better indicator of plant maturity rather than what the breeder suggests for timing. Also you can flush your plant whenever you want. Clear, cloudy, Amber, w/e - the difference will dictate the type of “High” you prefer.

For me it’s this

time to flush


@James this perfect my brotha thank you :pray:t4::100:


Alright guys a red flag has been raised. Past couple of days Ive been noticing these white spots & they seem to be spreading… looking to my grow community for thoughts.


Get a loupe and see if it’s bugs. Kinda weird, but magnification will help greatly :+1::v:


@osage yo jerry Im not sure what it is. I do have a theory. My humidifier sits directly next to my grobo. I fill the water in the humidifier with tap water which is actually well water. I have a feeling its being stained in some way by mist finding its way through the back end of the unit. Im attaching some pics of the leafs under the microscope. Thanks my brotha.


Is it on the underside of the leaves as well?? And what’s your rh value?


Do you see a white film elsewhere, especially around the spout of the humidifier?