Where to buy water chiller?

Anyone know where to buy a water chiller and what kind is good for the tank, I see ones for fish tanks but they won’t fit in here

Active Aqua 1/10hp chiller around 3-400

Check out the search feature in the upper right. A lot of other growers have posted about chiller and other accessories

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3-400 Dollars?


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  • (Yes: Fill With Water [{ScatchThat} “-But- Not” Freeze] I Mean [RefridgeChilledWater] -And- Don’t Empty It In Tank): {Float In Tank}: (Reusable): {:recycle:}:



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Yes $300-$400 and worth every penny!

Is it hard to put in I saw u said it has a risk of breaking it, can I just add some ice cubes lol


Hahaha if only! Unfortunately ice cubes are not a good answer as the temp swings within the reservoir would most likely be a detriment to your plant. There are a few ways to install a chiller, mine is definitely the most invasive however given it’s clean look and perfect functionality I still strongly recommend it so long as A. You truly need a chiller as I do given my location, and B. You feel confident and capable performing the job.

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I don’t feel confident enough to install one, I never did stuff like that and I don’t wanna risk my machine breaking, I definitely need one but don’t wanna take that risk, I wish grobo made the grobos with these already attached, especially since it seems very important

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There is a very simple method whereas you just insert the tubes into the reservoir from above and just set the lid on top. I believe @miami5th uses this method if I’m not mistaken.

Is there any instructions or vids on how?

I don’t believe so but @miami5th might be able to assist.

@LeoneForte444 Lots of growers have added a chiller and I would recommend using the forum’s search feature to read more about it.

You can just remove the service door in the back lower right of the unit. Then run the chiller lines from that port to up behind the black DWC tank and under the white lid.

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Well rn I’m mid grow so I don’t wanna risk anything but after I’m done I’ll take a look at it, someone said it can possibly break the grobo so that’s why I’m
Nervous about it you know, we should have a grobo YouTube forum to make vids and stuff for things like this, that would be cool

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Also I’m gonna be taking a break after my grow cus my grandpa is gonna kill me if he finds out lol, I also wanna do a tent set up but need a bigger living space this grobo tho is teaching me so much I feel by the time I’m ready for a tent I’ll have enough experience to know what I’m doing and setting it up will be easy

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