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Grobo is picking up blogging, and we want to share with you as much of our horticulture knowledge as possible!

Let us know what you would be interested in reading and learning about. It can be anything from general plant horticulture, cannabis growing, general cannabis questions, questions about Grobo, or even questions about how much chocolate milk the average grower consumes. We’re really open to blogging about anything, as long as we know someone is interested in reading!



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I would love some combo blogs with video clips that showcase growing techniques proper way to trim , lolipop, top, ect…something that shows when, how to properly execute, making sure to use clean tools etc.

If these could be done thru the lifecycle of a plant would be a great tutorial(i’m sure some of this is already avail but having a comparison for indica, sativa and or a hybrid within a grobo and how they differ growing would be helpful for beginner like myself)


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