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So have successfully grown outdoors a couple times outdoor this is my very first sprout indoors. I have many questions.
This is my baby girl she is a canuck gg4 auto she is 37 days old under the generic grow recipe on her last day of transition. Been eagerly awaiting posting pics in the share column but after three failed first attempts I’ve had all my fingers and toes crossed
So my question is this topping, lst even supper cropping I’ve read and kinda understand but everywhere I look I get diffrent answers. I have tried lsting her but just tenderly I know the bottom sites will suffer but I am scared to stunt her because of the word auto.
I do know this I cannot wait till harvest day


At ur stage u may not want to cut anything since fan leaves store nutrients but for lst in grobo I think it’s all about removing fan leaves from top and lollipoping are the way to go. Cannabis is very resilient when healthy so even if over prune a bit shouldn’t hurt, just may need more time to recover. I’m on first legitimate grows with grobo and tent but I’ve read a lot about the topic and just need time to try it out myself.

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I also have read many times that its too late to top in flower stage. Early and late veg is when you should be using this technique.


Do not top in flower and you should be careful when training autos anything can stunt growth force it into flower a friend grew one out lst during week 2 and three days later it started to flower


@chris_barfield hey man been peeking on the forum for about two months now just reading and came across a post you replied on about flawless flush went to there page and they claim it feeds and flushes has this been something you have witnessed. Me being new to indoor just have to ask

Yea the flushing agents do work they help out at sucking the extra nutrients out of the plant as well as off the roots … I personally use botanicare clearex which is their version of it

It’s not something you need to use just helps if you flush the right way you don’t even need it