The heat conductivity of that pusher is much better and the vape quality is much better than using the stock screens since it heats the bud from all sides

Mine overheats- will that help with that? I vape on 2 petals and my abv looks like dark roast coffee. 1 petal, I can’t taste anything or get much vapor, 2, I taste, can get some vapor for a bit, 3, everything tastes burnt as can be, good vapor but only a couple vapes.

Some new grinder models have a compartment up top for ground bud. But if you cant carry for legal reasons i understand. I wish they had the keychain tool earlier. Its so good and so simple

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I replaced the aluminum screens with surgical steel. Easy to clean and essentially lasts forever


It should be a multipurpose keychain, it is but it should have a small dense dome shaped brush (think eyeshadow smudge brush), a fluffy brush (think blush brush), and a metal spoolie (mascara brush) all on the keychain so everything you need when refilling is all right there.

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@Angiebaby this is what I’m talking about, the vape quality will be better


What top do you prefer


The flat top. The pointed one gets a bit warm for me


Yeah agreed and is usually the first part to break


Hi dude’s :wink:
Hope you don’t mind me joining the party but im almost there with choosing my new Vape & after reading all your comments/reviews the for’s & the against I’ve narrowed it down to 2:
Mighty & Cooler
Pax3 complete
& for size only im looking @ the Pax3 & was wondering on any Final thoughts :thinking: :wink:

Here is the Mighty with the steel cooling unit and base.

Here is a comparison of the original vs the Sneaky Pete cooling unit.


Look you lot :wink:
Will ya stop doin this :roll_eyes:!:thinking:!:thinking:!:rofl:!..
But its Big :exploding_head::sweat_smile:

Did ask i spose :wink: lol…

First time I’ve seen the base :slightly_smiling_face: must admit it looks the nuts :wink::wink:

It is big. And heavy with the cooling unit. But I only use it at home.

Plus I am a toy junkie. I have a Mighty, Crafty, Volcano Hybrid, Puffco Peak Lucid Lightning, Genius Pipe, 3 Vessels, Pax Era, Stiizy, AiroPro, Rubi, a couple Unis and other batteries. My DynaVap should be here in a couple days. And of course a couple Grobos, Levo 2, MyPress, curecork. The Grobo Start should be here eventually (no rush at this point). You should see my firearm and ammo collection lol.

Of all of that, if I only got to keep a few it would be the upgraded Mighty for vaporizing flower, the Genius Pipe for burning flower, and the Vessel for carts. I would probably opt to use the Mighty for concentrates as well.



LOL, I go back and forth. Call me a ditz (it’s okay, the shoes fit both feet) but I didn’t think my flat mouth piece worked for the longest time. Youtube videos show people vaping away with it no problem, but not me. I could only use the raised mouthpiece or sometimes the flat one would work if I turned the pax sideways until one day I realized my mouth had to go over the stupid hole that isn’t just for the tool to pop the piece off the pax. LMAO, g’head, get it out of your systems. I felt like the biggest idiot. I’d even talked to pax about it and they didn’t know what was up to correct me so they’re stupid too, lol. :rofl:


:rofl:!..:rofl:!..:rofl:!..:rofl:!..:rofl:! :uk: think I better start putting that always @ the end of my posts :wink::rofl:

Oh :uk:

Nope not finished…:rofl:!..:rofl:!..

All done :wink: :uk:

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Happy to bring some entertainment to your evening! :wink:

Anytime, I’m full of “oh aren’t I an idiot?” stories! :rofl: :rofl:

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Have had a bit of a nightmare since start really :exploding_head:!!!

But Still Kickin :wink::uk:

& thats the last :uk:!