Unit still wants to drain and flush

I had drained and filled the unit half of a day before I was given a notification to do it. Now every time I touch the button on the back of the unit it wants to drain.


My light now seems to be staying on well after the 12/12 photo period. I believe this is a direct result of the apparent software/ programming confusion taking place.

I’m a total rook and I am hundy p green thumb. But this is extremely frustrating considering the critical time in the grow. I really want to say positive things about grobo even though it’s an amateurs non dedicated attempt at grooving. I am self admitted. Anywhooo I would love for this light source to cease at said agreed upon time according to the growing instructions. Kinda worried that it’s totally warping things out beyond all recognition and / or true value. Siiic yooo. Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

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It’s just totally crayyy cuz I could’ve done some quick time minor major wannabe startup and I could’ve been just as conceivably far behind :joy:

Not totally sure how serious the respect for this predicament is amongst the community. I will in fact possibly sacrifice adolescent albino children’s limbs for small amounts of liquid assets and securities n such.

Jk plz don’t report

It’s all love :heart:

Wants to drain? You mean the light colour changes? If that’s what you’re referring too that’s not a drain it’s changes the light for a photo or because the unlock was engaged it’s not trying to drain.

If it’s a new grow the light should be on for 20hrs on the grobo. The 12/12 cycle happens when the plant is switched to flowering. That’s what’s meant by photo period. :+1:



Unit still wants to drain and flush

I’m sorry for your hard time with the unit… Maybe the hose isn’t down far enough in your unit to make the water go down far enough so the sensor will not drop to saying it is empty… We had an issue with this little valve-sensor ourselve once in the beginning… Once we got it under control, it was better…


((#Support))… :thinking::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

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Yes sounds like a good idea. I will just drain it and refill with the same water, I’m sure that will work by the sounds of it.

Minor ting

The unit still works very well :ok_hand:

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Ya because I did a drain and fill 12hrs early. So when the notification came I acknowledged it, and was hoping to just click drain and fill and sort of bypass the notification. Instead my unit is now in a “paused” drain state. So when you touch the button on
the back to unlock it, and change the light it begins to attempt to drain.

I will try to drain and refill with the same water to fool it.

And it just seemed to me that the light has been on a lot longer than it should be, maybe it’s just me.

I am flowering so it should be 12/12. I will have to keep an eye

Patrick Palkowski