Who turned out the lights? And what can I do now?!

Hi guys,
Have been experiencing an issue with Gertrude, my Grobo unit the last day or more now.

Have already reached out to support and am awaiting response to my ticket. In the meantime I’m wondering if anybody else can offer some advice.

OK, so the lights went out on my unit overnight last night. Rather they never turned on this morning at 8am as per usual. I am on day 59 of a 90 day grow utilizing the white widow formula and this is both my first indoor grow as well as my first grow with Gertrude and Grobo.

I had searched the forums and ran down the FAQ troubleshooting checklist (reset the machine… twice. Verified with my app it was still “growing” something and I hadn’t prematurely ended the grow. And finally verified WiFi connectivity by locking/unlocking the door via the app (the light panel button did nothing throughout)) So it is verified actively connected and growing only… No lights. Not when the door is closed as it should be active in its light/dark cycle nor when I open or close the door. Zero light. The only light that DOES work on the unit is the small blue “WiFi light” at exterior top center of unit.

So my 2 month old plant is now preparing to flower and also without its light source.

I am a bit anxious about the whole thing. My unit being dysfunctional and my well underway first grow.

While waiting for support to respond and in the immediate period following, while something is worked out regarding my situation, what can I do to best aid my beautiful little plant? I unfortunately do not own any grow lights and am looking for the most realistic, beneficial way to handle this.

Included is a picture of my currently rigged method to ensure it acquires some semblance of light. The lamp is LED and I’m sure inefficient for this purpose.

Am I screwed? Bound to lose the last 60 days due to mechanical error?

Any ideas, suggestions or words of encouragement are welcome

Many thanks,
Gertrudes friend

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The guys are really good about fixing issues. You wont lose out. Plants are resilient. I lost my entire tap root 3 weeks in an 116 days later still growing.


@Mcmanis your plant is a hero in the grobo community.


Why is that??? Lol

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Because you persevered and she persevered too and look at her now. A prime example of never giving up.


I cant wait til shes done. I need to troubleshoot my grobo badly. So many issues.

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I had a similar experience with my lights today. After cycling power to the unit didn’t bring the lights back on, I went into settings / change light settings. I didn’t change anything, but hit save, and the lights came back on. Worth a try if your issue hasn’t been resolved yet.


Good thinkin brother :+1::v::man_shrugging:



Let us know how your ((SupportTicket)) turns out…


((#SaveChanges))… :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::thinking:


Hey, I appreciate you sharing your experience.
Hadn’t thought to actually save or edit the light settings after power cycling it.

Unfortunately it didn’t do the trick for me and my friend is still bathing in LED floor lamp at the moment. :confused:


I admit to being a bit frustrated and bummed out towards my GroBo at the moment. Have been patiently watching this plant grow and changing her water and well… watching the automated recipe do it’s thing for 2 months now.

I can’t imagine starting over.

Yesterday though I did imagine setting up a large tub in my backyard, filling it with lots of fresh water and all of the remaining nutrients and continuing the grow the only way I know how outdoors and with the sun.

Then I had the stark realization? that a plant grown hydroponically probably wouldn’t have roots strong enough to survive outdoors. I haven’t researched this though so it may still be a possibility.

It’s a good thing I have some weed to smoke while all this is going on. I need a distraction

Yours does sound like an inspirational grow story if there ever was one

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It’s all documented on Durban poison grow. Pictures and all.

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I will check it out!

However your other comment about having to troubleshoot your grobo because of all of the issues, is not encouraging from where I sit (no lights going on 3 days. Had Stephen from support said he’s “not seen anything like this before” and wants to schedule a 15 minute phone call so he can attempt some command codes on his end to see the results on mine. Apparently the earliest this can be is Monday so I’ll be coming up on a week without a single functional grow light by the time something is even attempted.

Instead of asking about your grow I am just going to go and check out your grow journal. As well I’m going to begin adding to mine more often to document this hopefully rare occurrence. Prior to yesterday I had only written on the first day.

Hey I would order a cheap grow light on amazon and somehow mount it in some way with the door open. I know this is far from idea but your plant will die if it doesn’t have any light for a long long period of time. The cheap lights probably won’t promote crazy growth but they will prevent your plant from dying while you are trouble shooting everything with the grobo team.

Edit: its friday so amazon won’t work unless you live in an area with same day delivery. just get some light on her someway, somehow.

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It’s not every grobo that has a ton of issues. New technology sometimes has gremlins. I’m a very hands on person so I overly check everything. Most people don’t do that. I’m just crazy. Mostly it’s a software issue. Worst case its defective and they send a replacement.

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I agree with this 100%. I often talk about you @Mcmanis and your plant. :smile:


We will be looking at your water level sensors when the grow ends if I recall correctly…Should be a simple tweak.