Transfering a clone

Hey all

So I’ve had trouble with my seeds germinating. Turns ouf they were duds. Ordered other seeds from another site but in the mean time my buddy has some clones. He’s going to give me one and I’m wondering how I’m going to put that in the coco pod? The clone may be growing in a regular pot and there for (I’m guessing here) the roots are more spread out then they would be in the growbo. I’m hoping I can somehow safely transfer the plant into the grobo. I’m new to this and don’t have much of a green thumb yet so I’m hoping it is not too hard.

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  • (#Clone):

  • (If The Clone Starts Out In A Different [Medium]): (Then The Roots Will Be Cleaned Off First To Not Transfer [Debri] Into The New Tank Environment): {:bathtub:}:

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  • (Trouble Starting Seeds Then Do The Next Germination Way):