To trim or not to trim

Hello all,

First grow in my Grobo…and actually first grow ever

I’m on day 47 of a Girl Scout Cookie grow and right now it looks like a hedge and not what I saw in my head.

Should I be trimming or pruning the bush or just let it grow?


That’s what she looks like right now.


Your fan leaves are huge!
Defoliation would depend on if this is an Auto or photoperiod. Yes for photo, no for auto
If you have a photo your gonna need to remove at least 2 of the largest fan leaves preferably any that are blocking a bud site.
Also gonna need to clean up the bottom if its a photo.
It looks like its time to top, do you know how?

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Hey @Hazard_Brewing congrats on the first grow, glad to have you here on AG! Can you please confirm that your air stone inside the reservoir is creating a good amount of bubbles, as post a picture of your roots and your nutrient bottles showing what has been used so far.

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It’s an Feminized Auto if that answers anything. (Total noob when I started this)

The bubbler is right below where the roots sit and I can see nice little bubbles when I open the bottom.

I do not know to top…or even what that is. But I’m willing to learn!

Here’s some pictures of the roots and the bottles.


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I’ll be honest it doesn’t look like it is using a lot of those nutrients.

But then again, I don’t have anything to compare that to.

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  • (A couple things here): :thinking:

  1. (Your Leaves are Droopy): (If this is happening on their own you may need an extra fan in your unit to help with [Damping-off]):
  1. (You can turn your [NutrientBottles] to the side and Mark them with a marker to examen how much is being dispensed at each [Drain/Fill]):

  • (-Or- Just Mark Them): :wink: :innocent:

  • [ ]:

  • (Being an Auto we don’t recommend on [Topping] because it will not have time to recover):

  • ((#SomeReads)): :open_book: (:eye:)

  • ((#YourGrowYourCall)): :herb:

  • (Do what you like with this grow and have it as your base grow for the next grows): (Every grow can be a little different, play around with them and find your favorite way of growing): :infinity:

(ForAutoInformation): (ClickHere):


  • ((#Auto)): ((#NotAnAutoGrow)): :video_camera:

  • (:warning: If your seed is “not an [auto seed]” and you choose ‘an [auto recipe]’ it will stay in veg. stage forever and ever):





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You are right to think that about the nutrients. Has bottle 5 been used at all? It appears completely full. Something is wrong there. I recommend submitting a support ticket.

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3 and 5 don’t look like they have been touched at all.

Actually the only one that really looks used is #2

I took @SilverGrobo’s advice here and turned them to the side so I can see them better…that help a lot.

Here’s a question I had that may have caused an issue.

Way back at week 3 there was no leaf at all so I actually got suspicious that maybe I didnt put the seed in or dropped it (you know…sometimes you miss the hole on your first time)
So I put in another one (actually may have been 2 cause I thought they may be “bad”)

Could I have 3 plants growing there and that’s why it is so bushy?

I’m going to see this grow through as every mistake will be a lesson for the next grow…just want to learn from them all before that next grow :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And thank you to everyone on giving me thoughts and advice…it helps a ton when you have no one around that can answer these type questions.


If there were two growing you’d have two main stems – you can probably push some leaves to the side to get a peek at whether or not this is the case.

If multiple plants are grown in the same cocopod/reservoir, the issue (we’ve been told) that might arise is that they compete for space and nutrients.

Your plant seems a touch on the sad side (droopy leaves) but doesn’t look bad at all. I wouldn’t trim any leaves until they start to “pray” again (or stand up on their own instead of slouching).


Congratulations on your first grow!! I don’t have any advice, I know nothing but I hope she makes it and gives you a wonderful yield!!! :grin::grin: