To top or not to top

Hi again :wink:!

Everything seems ok atm & coming to the stage I’ve been dreading Topping"

Could someone Please give me any advice on if I should & how :thinking:??

Or do I leave & just space branches out :thinking:?

Pics Do elp :flushed:!:rofl:!..


are you growiing an auto or photo?

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Hi :wink:



if you want to top, cut the top node, what your fingers are pushiing down to show in one of the pics. make sure not to cut the growth tips where the branches below meet the stem. if it were my plant, i’d let it grow a little more as it’s still very close. iif you let the top grow up a little further you will have plenty of space to top here without disturbing the growth tips you want to grow into new colas.


Yeah I did notice i had been a little Ham Fisted :roll_eyes:!:flushed:! but they’ve bounced back :wink:

Thanks for the advice & I agree completely & will leave well alone for now :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ll update in a few days if thats OK :wink:??

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On a slightly different direction :wink:

Would you clean your probes during a grow or is it to stressful :thinking:??..For Both Parties :rofl:!!

i’ve done a cleaan oon both the EC and pH probes mid grow, also a calibration on the pH. it’s totally up to you. I had an issue with both on separate occasions whiich is the only reason why. My school of thouoght…if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.


Sooo True :wink:!!

Thanks for the help m8 much appreciated :wink:

Me just itchin :flushed::rofl:


We all itch on our first grow and grows after i’ve seen, no harm no foul :wink: . The forum is here to help with questions.


Ants in your pants, they aren’t leaving anytime soon!! :rofl: I have them, they’re major when a problem arises!!! Ants crawling all over, lmao!!!


Hi :wink:

There Everywhere :wink:!:rofl:! Lol


Just a heads up :wink:!

KeefGreenLeef has a awesome Mod :ok_hand:!!

Good reviews/replies & sounds the perfect fix… If it works that is :thinking:!!

In chat now about ordering :wink:

Just its my first grow & therefore I have no personal experience of the Smell @ late flower so :thinking:?:thinking:?:thinking:?

Or am I kidding myself :roll_eyes: lol but @ around £300 all in :roll_eyes::thinking: