To loud

Just got my grobo premium and completed the setup.
I feel its way to noisy then it should be.
When i press down on the pod holder the noise seems to decrease and sound like it should.
But without pushing down on it, the noise continues. How do i fix this. It defiantly shouldnt be this noisey.


Hey Kushgrowbo! Welcome to the community and congrats on your Grobo premium!

Most likely what you are hearing is some sort of rattle or vibration of some of the wires. You can temporary remove the white water reservoir cover and poke your fingers around the back and sides of the black tank. Try to locate the source of the noise and move the wires.

Also, in the back of the unit near the lower right corner there is a service panel. Remove the thumb screw and you can get a hand inside to push any vibrating wires away from contact points. I had this issue and ended up applying adhesive felt to the back and side panels to stop the rattling noises. Good luck!


Thanks for the reply. Tried both. Dosent seem a wire is touching the pump or hose to cause this noise. Its like under the black water container. I even took out the pump from the plastic holding and moved it outside the unit and played around with all wires. Nothing solved it :frowning:

@SWSVIC had the same issue. Think he added padded tape where the wires were vibrating against the Grobo walls.

What fixed mine was snipping and capping the power wires to the air pump. Obviously I am not recommending this in any way. However, I had identified that to be the issue and I had no plans on using the pump so I decided to disconnect it from its power source to stop the vibration.

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@SWSVIC Thats intresting. That would defintly fix the sound issue.

But what did you use as an alternative to pump air in the water?

Hydrofarm Active Aqua Air Pump

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Some people use a USB air pump similar to this one.

Or a regular aquarium air pump like this one.


Guess I will try another air pump if support dosent give me a solution.
Kind of sucks though when your paying a premium $2000+ price for a machine and you have to do this…

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Welcome! :facepunch:t3:

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Felt the same way you will end up buying just more than that mini fans extra pump air stone humidifier dehumidifier ect…

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Helps out definitely always good to have spares you never no welcome to the community :fist:


Loving these, they work like a charm.


Welcome Kush…would you like some chicken pot pie :pie: there is a half on the stove!

Ok ok I see you SW! Nice

Where do you put those studio foam edges?

I positioned them around the closet were I felt they would reduce noise most (water chillers aren’t quiet either). You could hear the humming from both units from quite far away. My mother-in-law is staying with us in a room upstairs above my office and said “it sounded like a generator was on under her room” :joy:. After installing the foam wall tiles the sound is completely muted, unless in the office where my Grobo lives, where it is much more tolerable now.


:joy: what did you have you say to your mother-in-law? Those look cool, I might get one.

I have a loud air purifier. :joy::man_shrugging:t2:

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Someone might get a new air purifier from their mother-in-law for Christmas lol.

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