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This topic is for anyone who is using a perpetual grow method or wondering how autos and photos can be put in rotation using Grobo & Tent Grows to make a perpetual grow cycle!
Share your project, photos, schedule or ideas under this topic! :eyes::seedling:



Question: When do you think I should plant a seed in the Grobo Start to keep the momentum?


So my first project I’m thinking of popping a auto seed into the Grobostart now and leaving it until Transition stage, then planting it into my tent to finish, anyone got any tips? :eyes::seedling:


Hi There, I have sent 4 seedlings from start to tent so far, rookie knowledge and learning as I go but I found for super soil anyway that the plants I brought from the start if they had too much root growth the more shock they encountered in the soil. My last 2 I took them out when they only had a couple of inches coming from the pod. It also allowed me to remove the plastic parts from the pod without disturbing the roots as well. They are doing very good so far.


Good to know!
Did you fill your pot with 1/3 supersoil then regular soil on top to keep the plants from burning from amendments or did you just use all supersoil?
I just repotted my mint and turnip greens using 1/3 supersoil and topped with fox farm ocean, they were both from the grobo start.
I did cut the bottom of the roots off because it made it easier to remove from the start pots and I added great white to the roots before planting in new pots. :eyes::seedling:


No I didn’t do that, I thought about a mix but I was feeling daring. lol
Let me know how those go for sure I would like to be able to get more time in the Start Grobo to gain more time. Good to know.

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The key is to let the plant sit in potting soil and gradually grow down into the supersoil so dont mix it. :eyes::seedling:


Well I learned something new today!


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Anybody ever ran a photoperiod on a Auto light schedule before?
Or vice versa?
Please share with us the outcome if you have!
I’m thinking about running a tent in just flower stage with both auto & photo on a 15/9 light schedule splitting the diff.

Wouldn’t the 15/9 schedule put the photo back into veg?


Good question: I forgot about that!

Most marijuana strains will stay in the vegetative growth stage as long as their exposed to a cycle of 18 to 24 hours of light followed by 6 to 0 hours of a dark photo-period.
18 hours of light will give the plant all it needs to sustain a good vegetative growth.

Once the light photoperiod reduces under a certain time, the plant starts entering the flowering stage. Around the 12 hours of darkness most (if not all) strains enter the flowering stage.

Marijuana plant will enter the flowering stage once there’s about 12 straight hours of darkness in a 24-hour photoperiod.

Research has proven that less than 12 hours of light does not induce flowering any faster and reduces flower formation and yield. Although, exposing the plant to a straight 36 hours of darkness to force flowering stage has shown very positive results (more on that after)

Exposing the plant to more than 12 hours of light often prolongs the flowering stage, although some growers have seen an increase in yield when extending the day photoperiod to 13/14 hours about 3 weeks after starting the flowering stage.
Flowering is prolonged by about 1 week and yield increases of about 10%. if you try this out keep in mind that different strains will react differently to this. :eyes::seedling: