I Have A Rookie Question Please Help? [RESOLVED]

I Purchased The Grobo Start To Germinate My Seeds In Peat Pod The Same Process Before Transplanting Into A Grobo! But Instead Would Like To Transplant My Grobo Start Seedling After Few Weeks Into Soil Instead Of Hydroponic… Is That Possible? PLS HELP!! And If So How Can I Remove? The Seedling And Roots Out The Peat Pod Holder Since The Roots Will Already Been Growing Around The Holder? If Possible!! ROOKIE GROWER ALL HELP IS MUCH APPRECIATED! Would Like To Use The Grobo Start For Germinating And Grow For Weeks Then Transplant In To Soil To Finish The Growing Process!


It is not recommended to go from dwc to soil transplant. I personally have never tried. Several people on here have tried and failed.

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Hey @Dank_Of_America_420,

The only way I’m aware of is by popping the entire plastic peat pod holder into the soil. You won’t have much success trying to navigate the roots out, just plant the whole thing and recover it after harvest. It may be damaged from the tap root though, so word of caution. (The peat pod holder)



@Dank_Of_America_420 - I’m going to take a totally different approach here on this one. Proceed at your own risk and with knowledge this is not what the Start is intended for and may void your warranty.

If you plan on doing soil only then why not just think of the Grobo Start as a germinator and container for soil rather than water? There is a plastic liner in the Start that usually holds water but in your case why not soil? Then just plant your seedlings in your soil pods or direct into the soil? Then when they are read to transplant it is a much easier process.

This “thinking-outside-the-box” has been brought to you by cannabis sativa!


Thank you steph! Though of that but wanted to here the best info from the pros :pray:


Much appreciated miami! Got me thinking about old school florida crippys lol back in 2000… knowledge is key! Very helpful…


Quick question steph and growers! Whats the longest I can keep my plant in my grobo start before transplant her into a tent! I would like to keep them there as long as possible… what u recommend how many weeks max? Thanks in advance for all growers help!

5 or 6 weeks max


Thank you! :muscle:

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