Stunted growth?

Pics ? :slight_smile: We can’t see!

But, without seeing, sometimes autos tend to have more of the ruderalis and indica genetic mix which makes them stockier and shorter… if they had stunted growth along the way they won’t ever get super tall.

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Sorry. Not enough coffee. Posted before I added the photo.

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Hmm she does look pretty small! Have you seen any signs of sex yet? Pistils etc? I can’t tell from the photo but doesn’t look like any yet.

How does the stem look, is it green and healthy down there where it meets the Cocopod? Just checking in on that, sometimes a plant gets cut off a bit from damping off and such a condition can take awhile to develop. If it was the case, it would eventually suffocate the plant completely and rot out causing the plant to fall over. There have been users here who have survived damping off if caught early enough. Probably not the case but would be worth checking in to.

Do you monitor your temperatures and humidity inside the Grobo? Wondering if maybe the temps are really cold in there overnight causing her to stay smaller. Also, if you live in an area of the world that is a very low humidity on average it would affect the plants vegetative state a bit as well.

Also, one thing that always seems to come up and has been an issue for me personally is the pH meter health check… if your pH meter is dirty or uncalibrated then it could be giving your plant an environment with an incorrect pH level, which in turn would lock her out of vital nutrients needed that the Grobo bottles are providing. All of your bottles look at normal levels as far as I can see; #5 looks good and #3, it will use less of #4 until transition and flower as far as I know, dont quote me though, but either way looks okay. #1 and #2 which are pH up and pH down respectively, are fine if you’re using distilled or RO water, but it’s hard to say that your probe isn’t reading at an incorrect level which would tell it not to dispense one or the other.


What stage are you in? Are you seeing any pistils? My auto was a small little girl but once I saw pistils and switched to transition she almost tripled. I also had some other issues which stunted her but she’s on a roll now.


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The stem is nice and thick and woody. Granted, this is my first grow. So I don’t know crap at this point. Very thick and bushy. I have not done anything with PH. Just followed instructions and let the Grobo do its thing. Using Distilled water.

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That’s good if the stem seems thick and strong. Can you possibly get up in there and give a better pic of what it looks like as best you can? If not I understand, I’m just really curious as to what it looks like up close for future reference in my own grows, it seems like it has a lot of browning on it so that’s why I ask. I’m wondering if there possibly was a damping off issue but she fought through it. No idea, maybe its just the outer skin of the stem still attached that’s browned as well.

Overall she doesn’t look too bad I guess… it’s hard to say though it definitely seems like she might be a tad bit stocky and although she appears to be trucking along I feel like Day 44 a lot of other plants would be a bit further along typically.

I would possibly send in a support ticket and ask Grobo if everything seems okay with your pH probe. You might be able to go purchase some solutions at a local pet store to calibrate and do a health check of your pH probe, or order online.

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I used this timeline for my auto. If it were me, I would go back to veg and wait it out.


Have you cut some of those leaves off? Just judging by older pics it does seem that way.

Two things about that:

  1. Auto-flowering plants generally shouldn’t be cut if they are not 100% healthy, just let the dead leaves go brown first and fall off on their own unless you’re further into flower and need to defoliate.
  2. The way the leaves were spotting or going brown in your past pics means that the plant was not getting a nutrient (or a set of nutrients) that it needs from the water. When the plant can’t take in nutrients through the roots to use it will start to use stored nutrients - it literally takes the stored nutrients from the leaf and leaves behind that red/brown spot (sacrifices a part of the leaf to keep itself alive).

More info about those things:

  • The reason the 1st point is true is because autoflowering plants will just start budding at a certain point of their life, regardless of if they are big enough or healthy enough or not and we have no control over this as we do with photoperiod plants. Because of this trait, that means that any stress/shock/issue is not desirable as it can quickly negatively impact the outcome.
  • The 2nd point is the one you need to zoom in on first and foremost – why were the leaves continually being sapped for nutrients, what’s going on in the root zone? This is usually do to warmer temperatures, or too cold of a temperature, or pH issues. Given the color in your other leaves I would not suspect pH, but it’s not to be ruled out entirely and should be checked if nothing else is noticed.


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Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck. I was so excited to get started. Is there a way to salvage the grow?

Your plant might be suffering from damping off. Is your coco pod wet? Please have Grobo support take a look. I had a similar experience with my first plant and had to terminate the grow 40+ days in.

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They saved it for me.


She looks happy now, nice bounce back, good job!


What was the issue?


Wow a night and day difference, she looks healthy now to me.


The main issue was me being a dumbass that set an auto flower up on a nonauto recipe. I emailed Grobo and they walked me through how to change it and what to change it to being partly through a grow.


:green_heart: i learned a lot from your experience thank you for sharing. Glad she’s on the mend. You aren’t a dumbass :muscle:t4: lots of “oops” around here. Like when I thought my nutrient caps were “covers” for the grobo feet :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing: @Chad_Johnson


:raised_hands::joy: we all have plenty of dumbass moments :man_shrugging::joy: that’s how I learn best. Lol


I didn’t realize there was a power supply for the Grobo and thought that the cord I had was supposed to plug from the wall into the Grobo… didn’t fit… thought I got sent a unit that wouldn’t plug in ><

Turns out if I unpack the rest of the box it woulda been pretty clear at first lol :slight_smile: