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i am thinking of buying a grobo system but am worried about cons which i am reading can occur at any of the items. Is it possible to troubleshoot even if i am in a country where you dont ship as i am planning on using a import service to buy the box.
Secondly what room temperature is required for the GROBO, how much smell does it filter during flowering phase and whats the average yeild people are getting here

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Just until you get a more seasoned response I will share with you my experience in this short time. Whatever country you are from your gonna need a descent internet/wifi line because you’ll need it to talk with others on allgrowers and help support diagnose your unit for fixes and guidance for your grobo, not to mention you need to be able to check your grobo periodically.
Second question: your gonna want to keep the room atleast 3-4 f below the range of your grobox. Temp range (veg stage) is 70-85f and 20-30c Temp range for (flowering stage) 65-80f and 18-26c
I havenet gotten to flower stage yet so I’m not sure of the smell. I’m in late veg stage now and there is no smell unless you touch the plant but, only on your hands.
The average yield that I have read about from grobo users I think is around 2 ounces.
Let the allgrowers forum weigh in on this and keep us posted.

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