The Word Is Out

Well well,

My online dispensary I’ve used for the last couple of years sent out their regular newsletter and look what was in the email.

I’m not at liberty give out the savings code but send me a PM and I can point you in the right direction. :+1:


isn’t that special… some of us have been waiting since 2016 and still have nothing to show but a paid in full receipt, yet dispensaries can sell them?

how does that happen?

@Captain_Blaze where are you located? That might have something to do with it. Not sure though…

I guess I should have clarified that post. That dispensary or any other that I’m aware of actually don’t sell them, They are affiliate links to Grobo with a discount code for the buyer of one.

I don’t work for Grobo so I can’t comment on your shipping delay. North American units are shipping I’d imagine there are additional hoops to jump through with some European countries.

I guess you can request a refund?

yes I could, but I agreed with this company to pay money for a product. all I am stating is that I haven’t received mine yet. I thought I would relay a real world experience.

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@Captain_Blaze have you paid out the unit in full, including shipping? I know they don’t send out unless it’s fully paid for.

USA is my location

I have been paid in full since march of 2017. I have received many excuses as to why I don’t have one yet.

That’s unfortunate. All my dealings with them have been pretty great so far.
Have you tried emailing to get some further insight?


I have had direct conversations with @bjorn over the course of the last year. the company is well aware of why I don’t have one and I am well aware of my options.

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@Captain_Blaze If it was fully paid, you should have your Grobo by now. Can you please DM me the email address your order is under so I can see what’s going on?


I would prefer to discuss this in the open. I have gone the email route as recently as last week and I find your response on the forums to be a bit different than our conversation.

@Captain_Blaze - I’m happy to discuss this in the open but the problem is that through AG I don’t actually know who you are. To connect you to your order and any previous conversations, I need your full name and/or email address.

This is a public forum which is why I recommend that you send that information privately to me. If you prefer to post that information in this thread then you are welcome to do so and I will respond here as well.

@Captain_Blaze I paid for my 2 months ago in full and i pre-ordered mine in February of this year and it was sent 3 days after i paid. #Realworldexperience #happycustomer

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I am happy for you also

@Captain_Blaze did you get everything straightened out with your order?

no, nor did I expect to… I am debating whether or not to publish the email explaining why I wont be getting one anytime soon

Sorry to hear this. If the dialogue in the email doesn’t contain sensitive information it’s at your discretion to post it.

I’m rather confused by all of this as it seems more and more units continue to head out, and I’m now expected to have my replacement unit within the next 2-3 weeks.

I hope everything gets sorted out for you. I wasn’t the most patient customer so I understand your position.

Trust me, I have been plenty patient and I am guessing if you received the email I did you would be as disappointed and angered as I am.

Thanks for the kind words

oh and did I mention I received an initial email stating I was on schedule for July and would receive a shipping invoice later that day. To this day no invoice and a subsequent email that told me my money was good, but not good enough to get one even though I have been paid in full since March 2017

I completely concur with @Rich. Very sorry to hear things seem to have gone a little sideways @Captain_Blaze - I’ve thankfully had a different experience that’s been mostly positive—especially with the staff, even though there have definitely been a few hiccups. I hope whatever the issue is gets sorted.