The Word Is Out

hey look what just showed up at my front door!!

And thanks Grobo team for pre planting my heirloom tomatoes

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Ok, I lol’d real good at that.

That being said, I hope things get sorted out for you. I’ve been very happy with Bjorn and the crew so far. Even with all the swerves and tech mishaps.

News Flash!!!

Through a great convergence of some mystical nonsense which I can’t explain in my euphoria, my Grobo has gone from “in Manufacturing” to “Final Assembly”. if all goes according to this latest update I should get shipped this month (08/18).

For all who had kind words of support during these confusing times…

Thank you , Thank you, Thank you

And to whom ever it was at Grobo Inc. that got me closer to my first grow, Thank You also.

Now on to prepping the area where my first (and subsequent) grow will occur


Hey @Captain_Blaze

Happy things worked out for you! No idea what transpired in the background but it really seamed out of character for Grobo to actually stiff you on a purchase based on what I’ve seen or know so far. You have to admit beyond the slow startup there’s been very few complaints as to “where’s my unit” so your story was a head scratcher for many of us.

Looks like you’ll have a green harvest Christmas!

So did you get your unit and how has your grow been going if so? Just curious:)

I took a refund. as of last week I wasn’t even in the queue for shipping. tired of waiting, tired of the lies and pissed that I was asked to pay extra to jump the line (and yes I have emails proving it)

Yep I get it completely blaze. I’ve sent in multiple tickets to support, even called them Friday last and left like 6-7 messages due to the short time allotted for a recording, maybe 2-3 mins. I had a laundry list of things which have not been addressed or even acknowledged really. And still crickets, nothing. I’m also done with the bs and just want a refund(which I stated in my call Friday, so no people I am not just jumping on some band wagon) all my gripes are legitimate with email/text messages, as well as many photos to back them up and confirm.)

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Dam bro this is a Lil frustrating to hear…I hope I don’t have to go through any of these issues…plus iam sure grobo don’t want none of these problems lol jk jk…but still I am so srry to hear You went through all of that…I’ve been following along with everyone’s comments it seems that u r the only one that has went through this issue which sucks… are u looking into the seeds I plan on getting one once it’s released

If you are asking if I’m getting a seedo, then no, definitely not. I like another unit

Wow R I didn’t know u were going through a bunch of issues too…I thought your plant was doing really well? And what device have to been looking into…the reason I am considering seedo is because it has a AC and a camera inside

My plant is fine right now, too many issues to post yet, and I’m trying to be patient and give grobo more time to respond, but if all I get is still more crickets, then by this coming weekend I’ll post everything, issues, correspondence back and forth, as well as all the pics. As far as the other unit, I have researched all of them and cloudponics would be my choice hands down

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I’ve been following them as well my only thing with them is there grow box is too big…I want to be stealthy because I have roommates …please keep me posted …I’d like to know what’s going on…I invested 2500 in grobo and some of the complaints have been very concerning…I haven’t even received my unit yet I was told it should be shipping with in the week or so …will see what transpire

@Osage - Just chiming in here as you and I had a great call two weeks ago. We are already working on addressing some of the items that we discussed on both the hardware and software side. Grobo is designed for new growers so not all of the controls will be available just yet.

For the issues regarding your particular unit, I know that @GroboJason is working on a response to you right now. He’s been touching base with @Stephen, listening to your messages, and reading the AG threads to fully understand how best to help. You’ll have the response shortly and if you can please keep working with us only through our official support channels ( or by phone) that will help us streamline the process of getting back to you!


Yes we did have a good conversation! If however you look at how long these issues have been going on(since the day I inboxed her), and still with no solution, or acknowledgement of said issues and a conversation about what we are going to do to fix them, makes it difficult for me to keep the faith. Too many issues, also I see you have changed the web page and some of the language about being able to control different aspects of the unit. I was of the impression that I would have more control of my grow and environment, but sadly no. This unit is just not for me!!! I am an active participant in my grows and need and do utilize all info from sensors etc to better my grow each time. Ultimately I really have no control. Thus I am requesting a refund, and wish your business nothing but the best of success, as well as no hard feelings towards any member of your team. I simply expected more control, but can’t get it. Also the amount of time it takes me to receive items takes longer than I could have anticipated. I think I’d be better off investing in a company closer to home. Best of luck to all. :v:

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Sent to support as well. :+1::v::handshake:

hi @Osage thanks for the feedback! We are working on next steps for you and we will get back to you through your thread in the support helpdesk.


Thanks @Osage. Hopefully we can get you back as a customer one day, but in the meantime have fun with your other grows and hopefully we’ll still see you on AG here and there!


Hey thanks and again no hard feelings, this just isn’t the unit for me. For new growers this is great!


Sad to see you go! But excited to see your grows and what you do! Keep us all in the loop!


I’ll definitely keep in touch. I like all you including the entire grobo team. If they don’t object I’ll def be posting my future grows. And I’ll probably comment here and there too.