Tent Grow!

I kept my last run at a consistent 86f with super high co2 ppm. Didn’t have to cool it down too much. Keeping my room around it cool was enough.

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Targeting 85 Day… with 1300 ppm Co2…

I found the same thing that is why I have part of the Ac duct going into the room… I had the unit in the tent at first but I seem to like it better outside of the tent… Next thing to change is I’m changing the ducking to insulation duck… I had the Ac duck blowing threw the top port hole but condensation was dripping on my light / plants… So now it’s on the bottom port hole still getting condensation but it’s on the floor now. I have to wipe it up now and then…

I was having trol master control the unit when to turn off and on but I disconnected it from trol master in favor to use the built in thermostat on the Ac unit because like you said keeping the room on the cool side seems to work better… Still ironing this out for perfection getting there.


@NUTTSO642 I should add this in yes I told you mid 80’s is to hot for Veg and it is unless your pushing 1200 ppm to 1500 ppm of Co2 then you can

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I can only imagine :joy::+1:t2::dash::seedling:

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I should add this in yes I told you mid 80’s is to hot for Veg and it is unless your pushing 1200 ppm to 1500 ppm of Co2 then you can

Thanks, I was getting confused for sec. My avg. ppm is around 440. Guess I’m gonna get a bag of exhale co2. Don’t really want to use any more energy. I’ve seen my electric bill rise by $100 so far lol. Since the overlords are always listening, I’m being targeted like crazy with ads for portable ac, water evaps etc.
Think I’m also gonna get a cheap little water evap and see what it does for the temp.

I’m trying to fine tune watering and keep getting caught with an underwatered appearance by 1 of the plants. Right now, I’m watering with 32oz of water for each plant. Dry weight is 8lbs wet is 10lbs. With the amount of water i’m giving, I’m finding that I need to water daily.
With my plants sitting in 5 gallon pots, I keep reading that they should be fed 1 gallon of water (I hope I’m reading this wrong). I cannot wrap my head around someone dumping a full gallon of water on a single plant unless of course it’s HUGE.

Happy Growing!


Personally I have had no luck with the Co2 bags… I would save your $$$ Now some people here like them… It may work better if you don’t exhaust all day but then you have to figure out how to deal with the heat without exhausting

I totally understand… At one time I looked into water evap but at the end of the day my concern was it will increase your RH levels. So I passed on that idea… If you try it let us know how it worked out…

Please no disrespect intended you problem with watering is your trying to hard… Water amounts are just guides… No 2 plants drink the same but let’s do some math on watering then just the adjust accordingly based on your plants needs… But first you need to understand this

First thing to understand is watering in Living Organic soil is a bit different than watering general potting soil with synthetic nutes…

Think of soil moisture on a scale of 1-10. 1 being bone dry and 10 being muddy wet. We want to operate in the 3-7 range all day long, day in and day out. Why??? Because your soil is alive and if it dry’s to much it will kill off all the bacterial and fungal which feeds the soil then the soil feeds the plant

Hope that part makes sense now some math

Your in a 5 gallon pot

Normally you water between 5 to 10% your pot size

5 gallons x 5% = 0.25 gallons

5 gallons x 10 % = 0.5 gallons

So that is a ruff amount of water needed but now you have adjust based on your plants… Some plants will use more some will use less…

Now how to water LOS correctly in a perfect world

Watering Twice

Arguably one of the most important fundamental practices in TLO container growing is watering
twice. This can have a huge influence on root health as well as mineral absorption. Here’s how it
works: you water with plain water, lightly, until you see some water run out the bottom of the
container. Then wait for at least 1 hour (I often wait a couple of hours) then water again until you see
drainage from the bottom. This evenly saturates the container soil mix and the roots. If you do not do
this, the roots will actually start guiding the water flow through the container and you will end up with
dry spots that are bad for roots, and bad for plants, especially when container growing!

Note: with LOS don’t leach much as little as possible you don’t want all the good stuff running out the bottom of the pot

In a nut shell this is what I do but if you talk to 5 different people I’m sure you will get different answers you have to do what works best for you and your plants…

My last advice is if you like reading I would buy this book it’s the King of Organic growing… Make sure it’s 2nd Edition


Temperature higher than 80 can merf your flowering plants and fuck them up too. Don’t add more nutrients too pump up your bud’s. Stick too the derections on lable or they will merf… only a little light stress while flowering or they will merf…
I’m having heat problems too. I got a portible AC and my online’s will be near the air… I’m sure it’ll work. Setting it up on the next hot day…
Michigan can be Cold or snow :snowflake: in July I’ve seen it. So we have to be ready for both… Exstream heat or below 0°. So just get things even if you don’t need it now because if you need anything important and it’s a time when your wallet is empty or full of bills for bills you’ll have it…


Thanks, none taken! Also, thanks for the book recommendation. I am def. putting too much into my watering lol.

So, I decided to roll with the TNB co2 canister. It claims to raise ppm by a possible 1200. I put this in my tent and watched my ppm rise by a little over 100 from the current reading as I was installing and thought only 100 more??? When I zipped up my tent, I watched the ppm drop fast down back to my normal 440.

What gives??? The frustration vibes are trying to attack. Must get through it…


When the lights are on the plants are using the Co2 so that can be 1 reason for the drop… If your exhausting you will never hold your ppm target

I feel there is only 2 ways to add Co2 correctly…

  1. Co2 regulator on a 20lb tank my pick
  2. Co2 Generator (but this makes heat also plus you have to hook up to Natural Gas)

Co2 is a waste of money unless you can control your environment 100%… Environment is more important also…

If should master environment first before Co2… You need to be able to control your VPD in the correct range all day without exhausting then your ready for Co2 until then I feel your wasting your money… I’m just being honest with you

Here is chart for VPD


Hey Growers,

Since my last update, I’ve added Roots Organics Terp Tea Microbe Charge for the soil into the mix.
So my nutes and additives are the following:

Top Dress Terp Tea Grow (5 tsp), Bloom (1.5 tsp), Microbial Charge (5 tsp) in 5 ga pots
Silica (5 ml in 1 ga of water)
Recharge (1/2 tsp in 1 ga of water)

@Mpower11 In reviewing the VPD chart I am sitting at 1.06. Does that put me in a doable range? I am currently in week 6 of veg. So, after much more reading, I’ve learned I am giving my plants dead water in distilled that is sucking up nutrients from the soil instead of assisting it. Also, I was being lazy with the ph of my water.
In my rookie assessment, one of my plants is sick. With the following symptoms and I am thinking it’s nutrient lockout:

First thing’s first, I am correcting the ph of my water. I am also going to add some cal-mag to the water since I’m using distilled. Todays stats are the following:

Watered with a ph of 6.5, ec 0.8, ppm500=380, ppm700=530
Ice Cream Cake - soil ph 6.8 (after watering), runoff water ph 5.8, runoff water ec 3.7
Frosted Biscotti - soil ph 6.5 (after watering), runoff water ph 5.1, runoff water ec 5.2
Flap Jacks - soil ph 6.5 (after watering), runoff water ph 5.8, runoff water ec 3.8
Rainbow Belts - soil ph 6.3 (after watering), runoff water ph 5.1, runoff water ec 5.0

All 4 plants are getting the same feeding so I’m a little puzzled by the difference in ec of the runoff water with 2 of the plants coming in at 5.0+. Since I’m top dressing the nutes I guess I should expect different stats of the runoff but what is the range the runoff water should be at?
All feedback is welcomed!


Yes your in Range

You are correct I tried to tell you this already… Your in week 6 of Veg and see what I told you before

Look above was 25 days ago… R0 / Distilled leads to the same problem… Your plants now have Calcium Deficiency…

What are you using for

Cal / Mag and Silica?

All plants don’t feed at the same rate… Right now I have 1 plant that has some tip burn from nutes the others don’t… The plant just can’t handle it… This is totally normal…

Also how many times have you made tea / top dress so far? My question to you is why are you not using any worm castings? They are the king of soil… They work to breakdown on the nutes to make nutrient available to the plant… I recommend you look into this.

I also recommend you look into 2 products both are slow release so they will not fix your problem right away for Cal/mag

First Product is Oyster Shell Flour second one is dolomite lime… Both products will also help buffer the soil for stable PH… Note both products will raise the soil Ph which you need also… Kind of address’s 2 problems… Just don’t go crazy with it… To much is not good also… If applied I would 100% add worm casting in the mix because they will aid in breaking it down to make it available to the plant faster.


I can’t wait to go straight organic. I’m definitely going to get this stuff. I’m waiting for it to hit my store. It’s now in the USA… So it’s a go for me.


You will love it I think… Just follow 1 simply rule keep the soil alive and let the plant do the rest…

My Ph in my soil right now is 7.6 (checked it last night… Last time I checked / measured my Ph was something like 7 weeks ago… I only checked last night for fun and my plants are as happy as it gets but my soil is alive… That is the key

There is alot of good organic growing info posted in there if you want to take a look


Question what are you adding to get such a high Ec. In my opinion to much


Very high


I have ran into problems in the past using with RO water and not enough Cal/mag (ran into problem after about 6 weeks in Veg)… I now always add Cal/Mag to around 0.2 Ec or 80 ppm…

I figured the soil could supplement but, obviously wrong lol. Thanks for the link.

What are you using for Cal / Mag and Silica?

Roots Organics CALMAG is what I’m waiting to arrive. (The local hydro store didn’t have the brand I was looking for) & Bloom Silica

how many times have you made tea / top dress so far?

5 times now. Top dress only with roots organics terp tea grow & bloom and roots organics microbe charge

My question to you is why are you not using any worm castings? They are the king of soil… They work to breakdown on the nutes to make nutrient available to the plant… I recommend you look into this.

I did from our last chat. That led me to get the microbe charge as the ingredients are the following:

Earthworm Castings, Kelp Extract (Ascophyllum nodosum), Bat Guano, Alfalfa Meal, Soybean Meal, Fish Protein Hydrolysate, Dolomite, Gypsum, Crab Meal

Do you think I should also add pure worm castings?
Should I add shell flour and dolomite lime in addition to the cal mag that I’m going to introduce?

what are you adding to get such a high Ec. In my opinion to much

You’re referring to the runoff water reading correct?
If so nothing man, those high readings are tripping me out as well.

This is my feeding regiment in this order:

In 1 gallon of water:
Mix 5ml of Bloom Silica and mix then let it sit for an hour. Then add 1/2tsp of real growers recharge and mix.

In 5 gallon pots:
Top dress 5tsp of roots organic microbe charge 2-1-2 and mix

Top dress 5tsp of roots organics grow 7-1-1 and mix

Top dress 1.5tsp of roots organics bloom 3-7-4 and mix

Use above mixed water after top dressed.

The growth in all plants look good.


I only try to use products that are OMRI listed… Just make sure no synthetic are in these products or you will run into problems

This sounds like alot of top dress and Tea… I think your over doing it…

How big is your pot? Edited I see your in 5 gallons.

Yes but not right now… I think you have alot of feed in the soil

Can you but go easy don’t over do it… To much will make problems also

Do this for sure because it will be faster acting… Foliar spray is the fastest way… But need to be done 1 hour before lights on… Never Foliar feed with the lights on it will burn the plants

Your runoff is high also but I was referring to your Feed water at 0.8 EC… That seems high

So you add recharge to all your watering? Honestly sounds me to like just to much overall… Which is why your leach EC is high… Sounds like your feeding Tea or top dressing weekly if your in week 6… Am I correct?.. If so you need to chill on all the food…


No, recharge is added weekly. Yes, all food is added weekly. Haven’t made any tea, only top dress. Should I feed every 2 or 3 weeks then?

You’re suggesting using cal-mag as a foliar spray?

Really? That’s interesting, what should be my target? I read that EC during this stage should be between 0.5 - 1.3. My last feeding was last Sunday (not yesterday).

I went ahead and picked this up:


At min yes 2 to 3 weeks every week is a lot (I’m thinking more closer to 3 weeks) you have to go by the plant vs time tho…

You can just follow the Foliar rate or even less than the recommended rate.

I’m not sure we are talking about same thing… I’m talking about the water you mix to feed the plants… What are you adding to get that Ec so high… On my water days my plants get RO water with Cal/Mag to a EC 0.2… You said your feed water is 0.8 above I said why so high what are you adding to get that valve…

Also I don’t know how to example this 100% correctly but I’m going to try

We are feeding organically

Example of making a Tea…

If we make a compost tea with a cup of worm castings and some 2-8-4 and 0-13-1 and some blackstrap molasses, we would measure ppm in the 2000-5000 range.

This is fine as not all of the nutrients are available to the plant in this form. They must be broken down in the soil by microbes first. This is why measuring EC with organic isn’t the same I’m just differentiating between the way the available nutrients are measured in salt-based feed vs dry organics.


Nothing bro. That was just a water day and I used water from the hose in my garage. I only added ph down as the water by itself has a ph of 8.0. What do you suggest I use to bring the EC down?