⛺ Tent Grow: GDP & GSC Extreme ILGM

Alright folks it’s 33 days into my Grobo first grow and I finally got the tent set up at work and a couple seeds germinated. I now officially grow at home and at work! What’s cool is it’s all legal since I have permission from the building owner to grow in the “residential” area of the building. I purchased this tent about the same time as my Grobo and have been waiting to clear out space in the small room it’s set up in. Well, that day finally came about a week and a half ago. Anyway, so the set up is:

-Mars Hydro 2X4 Tent
-Mars Hydro TSL 2000 light
-4” Inline Duct Fan connected to 4” Carbon Filter
-4” Diameter Flex Ducting
-4” Hole cut in the wall of the room for exhaust
-6-Cell Germination Trays w/ Humidity Lid
-1 Gallon Nursery Pots
-5 Gallon Grow Bags
-Room where the tent resides is around 6’x12’

Additional Equipment:

-Vicks Cool Mist Humidifier outside the tent (trying this for now since the room is so small)
-Small Cool Mist Humidifier ran inside of the tent as needed only
-Vivosun Digital Outdoor/Indoor Thermometer/Hygrometer
-Extra thermometer/hygrometer
-Wyze Cam V2 (for monitoring)
-Wyze Smart Plugs
-Mechanical Timer for Light
-Space Heater with physical knobs and switches, ran as needed. (Heaters with electronic buttons cannot be powered on&off with smart plugs)
-Battery Operated Liquid Transfer Pump (pumps water from 5 gallon water bottle)
-Two 6” fans
-Vivosun 10”x20” Heating Pad with Digital Thermostat Combo Set
-UV Safety Glasses (this is a must, the light really fucks with my eyes)

Soil, Water, Nutrients, etc:
-Fox Farm Ocean Forest Soil
-Fox Farm Big Bloom, Tiger Bloom, Grow Big, Bushdoctor Kangaroots, Bushdoctor Kelp me Kelp You. (Will be following the fox farm feeding schedule posted on their website, will be purchasing additional fox farms products listed on schedule)
-6-Cell Germination Trays w/ Humidity Lid
-1 Gallon Nursery Pots
-5 Gallon Grow Bags
-60ml syringes with 14 gauge blunt needle for transferring nutrients
-Primo purified R/O water filled into 5 gallon bottles, about $1.75 per refill at local grocery store

I began by trying to germinate 4 seeds, two of which I planted too early and didn’t sprout. I used the 2 plate method using a vivosun heat mat. What I was left with was a Girl Scout Cookies Extreme and Granddaddy Purple (both fem seeds) from ILGM.

My other 2 seeds should have germinated completely before I planted them, but live and learn I guess.

Roughly a week after the two seeds sprouted from the soil, I transplanted them into 1 gallon nursery pots. Roots were visible at the bottom of the starter cells and first sets of true leafs were out with another set starting.

Today is day 11 overall.

The main problem I’ve run into is the temp in the tent shooting up above 80 occasionally. Normally it stays between 77-80. I also didn’t have a humidifier set up initially and humidity was staying under 25% inside the tent. I am now around 40-45% with the humidifier outside of the tent near one of the mesh “windows” of the tent. The temp likes to drop down to 60 sometimes at night when the light is off, This is why I have a heater connected to a smart plug. The heater will only run for small periods of times as needed since the room is so small. I also have a Wyze Cam pointed at the plants with the Hygrometer/Thermometer visible. The night vision helps when the light is off. This also gives me peace of mind while I’m at home away from the tent and keeps me from disturbing the plants too often. The Wyze Plugs are connected to the space heater and the duct fan. This helps me control temperature and humidity remotely.

I used a 24hr light schedule for the first week, and have been using 18/6 since then. I’m hoping I can keep the tent cool enough as the spring/summer months approach. I’m currently only using Fox Farm Big Bloom since it’s only the second week.

Here are some pictures and I’ll update occasionally throughout the grow! Any suggestions or tips are welcome! Remember this is my first soil grow and only second overall grow, so expect me to make mistakes and ask lots of questions!



Looks like you are diving in head first and have a similar setup to me, grobo and a small tent. So much fun to watch them grow up. Good luck brother!


Well my plants got evicted… my friend was in a bad mood today… long story short they went for a ride and are now at home next to the Grobo… (and my third Megadeth ticket is now available again.)

ANYWAY. So I hope the car ride in the dark (during the plants “day time”) and hour away from their light didn’t have too negative of an affect on my plants. A third GDP germinated and is also now in the tent. This is about week three for the original GDP and GSC Extreme. These guys are monsters compared to the GDP in my Grobo! Showing comparison pictures of a GDP after 42 days in the Grobo and a GDP 18 days in the tent.

Both are feminized from the same ILGM pack. I’ve been following Fox Farm’s feeding schedule minus the Foliar Spray and Boomerang because I don’t want to spray the plants and the Boomerang is still on the way.
I’m just hoping now having all this shit hooked up on the same breaker is going to fly. It’s a 20 Amp breaker but I also have a computer, vinyl cutter, printer, grobo, humidifier, air purifier, camera, and now a Mars Hydro TSL 2000 light, a couple extra fans, an exhaust fan, and and extra camera all on this circuit. I have them all plugged into expensive GE surge protectors, and was curious earlier and turned the light and exhaust fan up to full power to see what would happen… after 20 min or so, still had power. Time will tell. Still planning to germinate one more seed starting tonight, want to make the most out of my 5 plant limit my medical card gives me. So I’ve lost some space in my basement but I believe the issues I’ve been having with heat will be resolved this way. The shop they were in gets hot as hell during the summer while my basement remains cool.


Yea, I have a small tent growing the same Gorilla Glue strain as my Grobo and the soil plants grow at a much faster rate.




And the babies, another GDP (bigger guy) and a baby Wedding Cake.

Germinated the wedding cake before I realized how big these guys are getting… original plan was to scrap the GSCX due to height issues but now I don’t think i have the heart to throw either of them. Going to let them go until I run into problems then I’ll figure it out. :man_shrugging:t2: For now I’m loving the size and they seem to have responded just fine to the recent transplant.


Granddaddy Purple Day 30 (overall)

Girl Scout Cookies Extreme Day 30

Granddaddy Purple #2 Day 18 and Wedding Cake Day 11


I removed the wedding cake. I realized I wasn’t going to have enough room for 4 plants in there, so now we’re left with 3 in the tent and one in the Grobo. Going to take it down a notch on nutrients next feeding. And after doing some measuring, I’ve moved the light up some more. I’m happy where they are at right now and plan to turn them over to 12/12 maybe next week. I’m not going to top the middle plant to try to keep it from fattening up too much.



Good to get home and see this! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Best time too! Love a nice full tent just about to flower. Good luck brotha


Flowering week 3


Things are starting to look good in here!! Girl Scout Cookies Extreme is a champion!




Wow, they look great! The one on the right looks super happy too! :sun_with_face: :pray:


Flowering Day 45! Girl Scout Cookies Extreme is stealing the show!


Defoliation tonight to allow for more airflow and light. Temps have been high this week, luckily going down this upcoming week. Have been having trouble keeping the temp under 80-82 during the day. Considering changing the light schedule to 10 hours for the last two weeks, then 8 the last few days. Going to do a light flush this weekend then nothing but water until harvest. - this will be my first harvest ever (if all goes well!) but I am pretty damn proud of these girls so far!!


Last day of cooler weather… luckily I’m ready to harvest at least one of these plants this week. Look what showed up today just on time! Setting up the 3 foot tall drying tent in my bedroom so I can control climate better. Got a new window unit for the bedroom tonight and tent is going up now… very excited to have an AC Infinity Cloudline T4!


Something about this doesn’t seem very 30x18x36… looks like they sent me a 3x3x6. Great just want I needed, an excuse to grow more weed next time around! :man_facepalming:t2: Oh well. So I got another tall tent. It’ll do! On a side note, these Vivosun tents seem better built than my Mars Hydro. And the prices are about even if I remember correctly. Not that I don’t like the Mars Hydro, it’s nice too, but the Vivosun one is noticeably better quality.


Harvested Girl Scout Cookies Extreme tonight! Broke my harvest cherry! I think I did alright. Did a light wet trim to make the future dry trim a little easier and maybe open up some more air flow in the buds. I’ll be harvesting my Granddaddy Purples in the next few days then my Grobo should also be ready for harvest. Drying now!


Nice looking buds, congrats on the harvest!