Good day all wondering if I can get a recommendation on a cheap 2x2 grow tent complete anything and everything willl be helpful thank you

Look on Amazon, they have all kinds of kits. I am not sure what is best, but maybe start there.

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That’s where is was headed just wanted to see if any one on here had purchased one before and had good results

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The kit I bought was about $500USD I believe. It was a Mars Hydro 2x4 tent, a TSL2000 light, 5 grow bags, ventilation and inline fan, hangers for the light, a scrog net, timer, hygrometer/thermometer…a couple other things. I got it on Amazon here’s the link

I did buy other shit, like nutrients, soil, a humidifier, a pH meter and even a dehumidifier… but once you start growing you’re always wanting to get better and always add more shit :rofl: - but that’s where it all started.

You don’t necessarily “need” a humidifier but I’d recommend it, but I would put a pH meter on the list of necessities. I use a $15 Vivosun one and it has always been faithful.

I’d honestly recommend getting a 3x3 or 2x4 tent if you’re doing more than 1 plant unless they’re autos. I could only fit 3 for my first grow and it was tight. This time around I’m only putting two in there, but they seem to fatten up the more space they have anyway. I’ve seen people put 4-6 in them but they aren’t very big. I’d probably also not get the kit with the fan, not that it’s not a good fan, but you can get an AC Infinity Cloudline T4 that is plenty big enough and gives you lots of other options and monitors humidity and temperature and adjusts itself accordingly. They’re about $120 but if you get the Mars Hydro 2x4 tent combo I posted without the fan, it’s over $100 cheaper so it’s a better deal to get a Cloudline… but now I have two fans so I use one for intake now.

Here’s the kit without the fan:

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Wanted to add I have a Mars Hydro tent and also had a Vivosun Tent. I got rid of my Vivosun and kept my Mars Hydro because it fits my light. The Vivosun I used just for drying. They are both nice tents but I liked the Vivosun tent a little better. It had better accessibility it seemed, more holes, and seemed to be slightly nicer made. I also liked how it had a clear plastic observation window where the mars hydro is mesh. They both cost about the same if I remember correctly.

I did purchase one but a smaller one 2x2 spider farmer complete with light exhaust fan tent of course a couple of 3 gallon drying rack timer and I’m sure I’m missing a few thing but got it running and have a ZSK right now that for some reaso. It’s already flowering just in top there a feed somewhere here

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It’s a journey!! Enjoy and keep us posted!!


Yes sir it is will do

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