Tall and Strechy

My new Grobo seedling is on day eight. It appears to be a bit too tall. Is this due to not getting enough light? Any advice to comments would be appreciated.


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Could be a male plant? Could be the genetics you selected. Some strains/plants grow much larger than others

What type of seed?

The more info you can provide the better it would be for others to assist.

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Seed is called Starduster - Sour Diesel x Ms Universe. Using Generic Hybrid recipe. Is it possible that light could be an issue?

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No it’s typically genetics that do this. She’s probably a heavy leaning sativa. I’d just cut a straw length wise a bit taller than the plant, wrap it around and stick it in. It’ll hold her up. But watch for damping off. Where the stem meets the coco pod, if it starts to get black and necrotic…well that’s the first sign​:+1::joy::v:


Absolutely correct 80/20 Sativa


My girl is looking the same as yours day 28 will tell you everything just set it and forget it till it tells you to check on her.





I know it looks healthy but, yes it is too tall that I also am concerned for you… It may be a Male: :zipper_mouth_face:


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