SWSVIC’s Bloom Seed Co. Grape Guava 🍇

Love watching you do your thing! Quick question: Seems to me that you basically have a complete separate grow set up ready to explode. Why put so much extra into the Grobo?

I’ve seem some others do the same, and I was in the process myself, but decided to invest that money into a separate system where I’m in charge (nutes, lighting, etc). I’m currently using the Grobo as my ‘control’ (mostly for scheduling purposes and to see what I can do differently with the same genetics).

My $.02 . Excited to watch your progress!


Some play with their toys differently such as modding cars and computer :smile:


I may do so in the future. For now though, I’m having a great time with the box.


Yes I will certainly use a controller once a bottle is involved.

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I wouldn’t spend too much on the tank since you will not be able to hold onto and keep the bottle unless you can find a station that fills the bottle itself as most of the co2 stations around me have a bottle exchange program. I just got the cheapest 20 lb co2 bottle I could to get myself into the exchange program, its not worth paying $250+ for the tank. I got mines for $120 on amazon =].


Day 25-26 (1-2 of Late Veg.)

A random collection of thoughts and observations:

She truly appreciated the Late Veg. dosage increase of yesterday’s water change. I also slightly increased the dosage of Green Planet Vitathrive Propagation Solution from 4mL (half strength) to 5mL. So long as she continues on this path, I will continue increasing the dosage by 1mL until it reaches full strength or I transition to flower (whichever occurs first). I was hoping to top her yesterday as well but decided to hold off until this morning as I did not feel that the 5th node was established enough to make the cut. This morning she was prime for the topping and she took it in stride, appears she has already recovered as the 4th node is showing growth when compared to pictures taken this morning prior to making the cut. I do plan on utilizing the 3D Printed ScrOG screen that I had printed to train and “organize” this plant (again big ups to @420farms for the CAM) . I will be transitioning a bit early on this particular grow as I have been warned by @chris_barfield that these genetics STRETCH and then some. A change I welcome as compared to my last grow which took much longer to complete than I prefer. I should also add that I am very impressed with the efficacy of the exhale Co2 bag. In my current set up it seems to really be giving the plant a boost.

Water Change Specs:

Water out: pH 6.0 EC 1.3 PPM 940
Water in: 2.5 Gal. Distilled water, add 5mL (full strength) Green Planet Plant Guard (potassium silicate supplement), let sit for 1 hour to “bond”, fill Grobo, allow Grobo to dispense nutrients & Cal-Mag, add 5mL (half strength +1 mL) Green Planet Vitathrive (propagation solution), add 10mL (full strength) Green Planet Root Builder (root zone inoculant/their version of HydroGuard).


Looks nice, that’s a really clean setup you’ve got going on there.


Awesome, those fireballs look super handy to have around! For other experiments as well!


She’s lookin great! Nice topping

Interested in seeing how the nutrients work for you, as well as the Co2!

That’s good to know you’re going to be dealing with a potential tall one, I’d say you’re probably gonna be on the safer side to flip a little early. I am also planning the same just in case to avoid a repeat of my last situation, but taking the time to hopefully train her in the meantime! I’m sure you’ll be good on that front.

I have the same SCRoG as well, haven’t tried it out yet. Maybe I should give it a go as well. I feel like it would help control the stretch a bit once I flip to flower, tie those branches down to it as they come up and try to get em all even, yeah?


To continue or to start over? That is the question… :weary:

I made the mistake of not dialing back my aerator for early veg and my plant is now paying for it with a case of Damping Off… She is still growing and the damping has stopped after I turned down the aerator, cut off the humidifier, and directed a fan at the pod. That said, significant damage has been done and I question whether or not it is worth continuing this grow and what the potential outcome will be even if everything was properly executed from here on out. @vegetato @chris_barfield @SilverGrobo @Todd.grobo would love to know where you guys stand on this. Thank you very much in advance! :call_me_hand:


Was wondering why the hell no one was responding!


Lol, everyone was waiting on me to pass the message along :rofl:

FYI, vic accidentally dm me this message :slight_smile:

But really, sorry about the damping off. It seems like a bunch of people have been having this issue lately.


Cut her down. Thats more than 50 % of your stem damaged, anything you grow will be stunted aka requiring waaay longer to grow. Not worth it imo. Sorry bud


I agree with @Todd.grobo. She’s stunted and will take a long time to grow.


@SWSVIC Sorry to see that! I have 2 grows suffering from damping off now as well. I suspect a bad batch of cocopods!

You might be able to save her. I had damping off too and it has started to heal and improve.


I’m going to come out and say it - The design of the lid is contributing to the damping off problems we are experiencing.

This plastic that surrounds the cocopod does not allow for the pod to dry out. This is the old design:

New peat pod design with a basket to hold the pod. Notice how the basket has “windows” and will allow for better drainage and airflow.


Might be worth looking at with the team sounds like a feasible cost effective solution


Are you or @SWSVIC using any silica (armor si or similar)?

Hadn’t occurred to me to mention it but I haven’t had damping off issues since I started using it (circa grobo grow 3) and I don’t use any extra fans inside the grobo (but do have awesome airflow around my grobos). @The_Reverend mentioned this in another post today and I had totally forgotten about that aspect.


I was not using any but I have ordered some and plan on using it!


Yes I do use Silica :+1: