SWSVIC’s Bloom Seed Co. Grape Guava 🍇

Day 1 (Germination day 1 of 10)

Hey AG,

I’m back for round two! This time around I have chosen genetics from Bloom Seed Co. (shout out @chris_barfield for the education on breeders and choosing genetics). I have quite a few packs from this breeder but for some reason the Grape Guava (REGAL GRAPE TALLYMAN X STRAWBERRY GUAVA) stood out to me as soon as I opened my seed storage refrigerator and thus into a glass of water it went for germination. The seed showed a tap root in less than 24 hours and was planted in the cocopod today. This time around I installed the pod in the lid prior to dropping the seed in, I HIGHLY recommend this method.

Grobo light repair:

I was once again amazed with the level of service that I received from the grobo support team. Many many thanks to @Dani and the rest of the crew. Absolutely incredible service and guidance. They diagnosed the issue very quickly, rush shipped a new mother board and light, and provided very clear/easy to follow instructions making the job a breeze to perform. I very much look forward to continuing my work with the Grobo and contributing everything I can to better the experience for all future growers here on AG. Again, can’t thank you guys enough for going over and above once again. :facepunch:

Changes in additive/supplement regime:

I am doing away with all additives & supplements from my last grow and I’m switching to strictly Green Planet products. I have researched long and hard and have a strong belief that these particular products will compliment the Grobo nutrients very well.

Thus far I have only administered 10mL of their “Root Builder” (their version of Hydroguard). I added it to the reservoir 2 days ago and I will not conduct a water change until day 14 as I want to give the beneficial bacteria plenty of time to properly colonize within the reservoir. As in my last grow thread I will update weekly as to what is added to the plants feeding regime.

Changes to “grow closet”

After 155 days of my previous grow I decided a few things needed to change.

  1. The old setup was too loud. Thus I moved everything into the closet and added a tent to contain the noise. The op is far quieter with this setup.

  1. The environment was not as consistent/controllable as I would have liked. Another reason I added the tent. I’ve also piped AC directly into the tent and I have the hot air being pulled from the grobo using my previous heat extracting/smell reducing system and sent outside the tent. Beyond that I’ve added a sensor inside the grobo that connects via WiFi directly to the downstairs AC thermostat allowing me to program it to specifically keep the unit at my desired 78 degrees F, this in turn keeps the rest of the downstairs area at 74 degrees which is perfect for my family. I have also added a humidity controller with a terrarium humidifier and an effective small dehumidifier. Currently I have dialed in a VPD of 1.2, this will remain constant for the vegetative state of this grow.

  1. I wanted to be able to close the closet door. The previous setup required me to have the heat extraction duct, fan, and carbon filter stretched to the opposite side of my office. This made closing the closet door a major pain in the a$$, effectively rendering my office off limits to all others aside from my wife and I. With everything now contained and the noice level significantly reduced I now feel comfortable allowing others into the office.

(Can’t tell you how satisfying this picture is :joy:)

I was hoping to add external reservoirs to hold new and old water which would allow remote water changes should I be away for more than a week. I simply didn’t have room for the system. That said, my father (who also has a Grobo) always housesits while we are away, he is more than capable of handling things for me should it be necessary.

All in all I am extremely pleased with this new set up. So excited to be back in the early growth stages as this is definitely my favorite period (germ & early veg. specifically). Thanks to all of you once again, for keeping up with me. I look forward to interacting throughout the process of another grow :call_me_hand::call_me_hand:

As always, Grow well,



Wow you have quite a setup with some amazing equipment! :star_struck::star_struck: very impressive!

Good luck with your grapilicious grow! :yum:

@Dani and the team are rockstars, no doubt about it!!

I have no idea how your automated water shoe thing is supposed to work :joy:, but I’m curious if you’re some sort of engineer or something? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Good luck dude. I think you’ll be super dialed in this time! Maybe some day I can step my game up like you :slight_smile:


bud weight comes and i wanna get stoned


The setup looks nice. Good luck on your new grow!


Flip fast my strawberry gauvas are over 6ft tall and only in 6 inch pots


Haha thanks for the well wishes! No I am not, just a dedicated hobbyist haha. Elaborate on the “water shoe” haha which piece are you referring to?


Much appreciated my guy :facepunch:, that’s a trendy little jingle, I’ll be sure to sing it to her when it’s flower time :joy:.

Thanks @Aang!

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Copy that boss man, will do! :facepunch:

:rofl::rofl::rofl: After a closer look I can see that’s a piece of exercise equipment lol. When I first read your post and saw that, I pictured water bottles rolling down it and automatically dispensing, but I thought, where’s the grobo? :thinking: lol, I was very tired.

And I am very jealous of the inside of your closet!


Haha that would be pretty epic! Just a rowing machine that I now have no excuses not to use! :joy:


Nice setup!!! Good luck with this grow, can’t wait to see how this comes out :grinning:


Slim you’re like the James Bond of this sheet!


Well shit…

She damped off on me quick! Upon extracting the cocopod I found it to be VERY wet, it did seem a bit long on the bottom end, also my aeration was set at max power which could have contributed as well.

Planted new seed this morning (used direct to pod method :pray::grimacing:), pod is “shorter” and I have dialed aerator back to half power.


I’m so sorry! :sleepy:


RIP :seedling: :pensive:… I always feel bad when this happens because these seeds aren’t cheap and time wasted.


Sorry to hear man. My first plant suffered from damping off too. This is something to look out for. Good luck on your next one!


damn man sorry to see that!

Out of curiosity, is the color of your fluid glass door blue? It looks kinda blue. Mine are a pink/purple color


Yes its sort of a blue/purple blend, have seen many different colored windows here on AG, I’m not sure if this is just part of working with a fluid glass system or if they’ve changed manufacturers a few times or what. :man_shrugging:t2:


Mine is blue and I can never see. I’m always opening it to look, causing husband to ask," why did we get the one with the window?":stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy: