SWSVIC’s Bloom Seed Co. Grape Guava 🍇

Day 12 (2 of 14 E.V.)

Water change #1: Filled w/ distilled water, allowed grobo to dispense nutrients, added 10mL Green Planet Root Builder.

I was planning on waiting until day 14 to conduct the first water change however the tips of her leaves started yellow which I felt was an indication that she was looking for some food! I decided to forgo adding any supplements this fill as it is her introduction to nutrients.

(The lines that are drawn all the way across the nutrient bottle labels mark where the last grow left off and what was used today.)


Looks good man.

I had a quick thought recently about the initial water too and thinking about letting it go a little longer too… I ended up changing it on Day 8, but I let it go for another 8-9 hours after the notification and wasn’t too worried about it.

Weirdly though I had my first dose of nutrients on Day 8… I thought that #2 drain and fill was the start of the nutrients from my last grow; now you said something about it and it makes me wonder o_O


It is my understanding that nutrients aren’t dosed during the germ phase. :man_shrugging:t2:


This is awesome man! Super excited for this I’ve been waiting to see the new drip! :fire::+1:

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Yes… very strange… My girl got her first nutrients on Day 8. She seems okay though I guess… so no harm no foul.

It was a pretty small amount of #3/#4 as well as #5 but they dispensed nonetheless.

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Interesting, I’ll definitely conduct a change on day 8 next grow around. Perhaps grobo has found a reason to dose a small amount during germ? :man_shrugging:t2:


I had a small amount of nutes dispensed on Day 8 after the drain/fill as well. Seems like it is about half of the “normal” nute dose.


Yeah it was light for sure. I wonder if that’s new then


Good to know :+1::+1:

Day 19 (9 of 14 Early Veg.)

She’s off to the races, in that stage where you can literally watch them grow by the hour. Grobo is on point and additional support systems are running smoothly. The grobo bottom intake fan is running as well as my small hang above fan inside the unit to stir the air and give her a breeze to grow against. You will notice some very slight discoloration of her leaves. I believe she is simply hungry for more nutrients, these Bloom Seed Co. genetics are aggressive as @chris_barfield pointed out. Hoping that with this second water change and the introduction of the Green Planet supplements we will no longer be seeing any discoloration/deficiencies.

Excuse the water temp in the picture above, I had literally just filled the reservoir and the chiller was in the process of cooling the water down to 70F.

Water change specs:

Water out: pH: 6.0 EC: 1.1 PPM700: 760

Water in: 2.5 Gal. Distilled water, add 5mL (full strength) Green Planet Plant Guard (potassium silicate supplement), let sit for 1 hour to “bond”, fill Grobo, allow Grobo to dispense nutrients & Cal-Mag, add 4mL (half strength) Green Planet Vitathrive (propagation solution), add 10mL (full strength) Green Planet Root Builder (root zone inoculant/their version of HydroGuard).

A couple of new additions to the op:

  1. An Exhale “Home Grown” Co2 bag. Which I have hung behind the Grobo right next to the intake fans. It seems to be working quite well, though I am unsure as to what if any effect this will have as I am still unsure of the actual PAR/light intensity my plant is receiving. That said, it’s a cheap & fun experiment. I have been leaving the tent zipped closed and the exhaust fan is on a thermostat which only kicks on when the tent reaches 85 degrees (which doesn’t happen because I am still pumping A/C directly into the tent). If I see that the Co2 reaches above 1000 once the Co2 bag “matures”, I will contemplate removing the A/C duct and sealing the tent completely.


  1. The AFG Fireball Mini, Fire Extinguisher Ball. I am running a lot of equipment in this little closet. While I have followed proper protocol per the instructions of each item, I still feel it necessary to have an insurance plan in place should something catch fire. These extinguisher balls are a great option for anyone looking to safeguard their op in case a fire were to occur. I hung mine to the left of my Grobo in between the unit and the water chiller, and level with the surge protector.



Your setup is constantly growing and changing :joy: :+1:


You’re gonna want to hold onto those exhale bag hangers after they’re done. They come in super handy


Yes, yes it is. Though I believe I am about maxed out. Still a couple tricks up my sleeve however.


Good to know

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One trick you can do thats inexpensive is grow around the 78-82F temps. With 800-1000 ppm, she will enjoy the higher temps, it allows her to suck in more co2.


Currently growing at 78 :+1::+1:


I let mines swing from 76-86 however my ppm is between 1200-1700. You’ll notice the higher the temps get the faster the co2 depletes. You can literally see her breathing the co2 in with that monitor lol


That’s awesome, I cannot wait. Honestly contemplating switching to the HLG light set up that @Jamminbear is running, and then implementing a bottles Co2 system such as the one you are running. :grimacing:


I have been considering the same, the HLG in the grobo would be amazing!


I must say that now that I am back to “life as usual” I REALLY appreciate the automation/assistance that the Grobo offers. No way would I have time to keep up without it. Thanks @Stephen, @Dani, & @bjorn :raised_hands: