Supplemental light sources ☮️

Ok… Here’s a question I have not come across and I’m interested in thoughts and perspectives from AG growers and support team so hopefully @Stephen @SilverGrobo @SWSVIC @Bplatinum9 @Todd.grobo @VermontGrobo @Vicc someone can offer any info.

I’m experimenting with an extra light source inside my grobo. I purchased this off Amazon.

So my questions are as follows:
*Good idea or bad? (don’t worry I’ve tested so I know my answer lol.)

  • Placement, position, & overall logistics of placement of light strips. ( Quick info. These strips are independent self contained units controlled by 1 single tethered power cord. About an inch ruler in size.)

*Is placing a light source underneath flowering leaves going to have a negative or adverse reaction to the plant? (This light source can control the brightness, doesn’t affect heat inside the chamber, and is adjustable.)

*Any general questions you have


As far as I’ve read in the past, light underneath the leaves isn’t a good thing.

How far can they stretch apart from each other? The only places I can see them being useful would be directly at the top of the Grobo on the ceiling… Two would be better than one as far as placement in my eyes…

Next place might be at the top of the side walls, right directly below the ceiling possibly, but that would be hard to do with 3 connected to one cord I would imagine.


I agree with @pyromancy, the only area to add these would be to the ceiling of the unit. I’m not sure how beneficial these lights will be but I’m interested in watching you find out!


This was interesting.


Awesome video @Chem13dog i actually might say I stand 100% corrected.

This would explain why there’s so many small buds in Terrapin’s products :wink: But very cool nonetheless! I think it’s awesome!


I’ve never had an opportunity to try there products but that would make absolute sense lol. Being the first time I’ve ever seen that video was today I find the info intriguing. I had previously found the idea interesting watching DIY videos on “Stealth grow boxes”. There was this video of a guy growing a tiny plant with a tiny 2" led bulb approx. Less than 2" away from the plant.

Then I’ve seen these indoor hydro systems that have Center positioned long florescent light tubes.

With this box im considering stabilizing the lights to magnet strip tape and layering them along the lower walls in a diagonal Z pattern up the sides of the wall. Yet leaving it adjustable to place them back to back in a Baton figure that I can position horizontally up the base of the stalk during veg and flower.

Should be interesting.

If nothing else…it looks kool as hell to me.


I had this question before. also thanks for the Amazon link


Cool as hell… lol it looks LIKE hell!! Or like a portal to hell with demons clawing at it trying to escape. I wanna see inside :sunglasses: either way bad ass idea and I have been wondering the same, except instead of below I was considering one of the sides or even the possibility of keeping the door open with a light facing inside… not a test I’m willing to endeavor, it sounds blinding af, but just stoned thoughts.

Seconded thanks for the Amazon link those lights are baaaaaaaaaadddd!! I bought a full spectrum 1000w full spectrum LED a couple years back but the damn thing runs hotter than all hell so that’s definitely not an option. I left them a very detailed review and they gave me my money back and let me keep the light xD

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Funny… It reminds me more of a Long Island Ice Tea or some kind of Mixtiny drink that comes with a tiny umbrella that they over charge you for at Outback🍹.
I know what you mean about the lights. I’ve seen plenty of different variations in size & spectrum. I’m pleased with the purchase. I keep my internal temps monitored pretty well. These lights are adding no visible excess heat.

The problem I keep running into. Is that I keep having this urge to drill a hole in the side of the grobo , insert a rubber suppression plunger with a 1/2" cord gap so managing these cords becomes less of a hassle lol.

I’m sure someone’s mentioned it. But I’ll say it again. The next model should have an opening for cables. I’d pay extra for that option.


Drill that wall! I’m down for it too, would be an easy mod and such an improvement. I do have concern regarding the lights as your plant will very likely be touching them on the side walls. Just keep a close eye out for light burn.


:rofl: “Drill that wall” … hilarious!
I gotta say. I’ve found myself suddenly so interested in modifying the box. Not to say that I find something wrong with the design of the grobo as is. It’s surprisingly productive for being a single plant self contained unit.
I guess I watched to much inspector gadget when I was a kid lol. There’s something about the idea of taking something already proficient and somehow still find a way to “sqeeze more juice from the fruit” so to speak.
I have to agree. I’m on the edge of the darkside lol. Now I know how Anikan Skywalker felt :rofl::rofl:
Lucky for him he didn’t have to worry about voiding his warranty.
Ahh…if only I would’ve been born with more midi-chlorians.


tenor_gif7202558132079153296001_1604919018334 tenor_gif3167311900967246357001_1604919020835

I grew up in love with these movies. He always had such amazingly interesting ideas. Inspirational to say the least :bulb:

*If you know you know :wink:


Hah! I like the way you think :slight_smile: Grobo is like a robot… or a droid…?

Nothing wrong with modding man, people like you, @SWSVIC, and the others who push the boundaries are important to have around. I am not the most crafty when it comes to that stuff.

I am really interested in seeing these lights in action, especially after seeing the video you linked. I had just read recently about light at the bottom being a bad thing, but you know, LEDs are a whole different ball game…especially the customization in the light spectrum and intensity and being able to fit in such small places

I do see where @SWSVIC is coming from about being close to the lights during flower, or even in veg early on… my last plant got so tall and bushy throughout the way any lights on the side of the Grobo would have probably caused some damage the way up and into flower especially because I was utilizing the back wall of the Grobo to secure my branches and keep them LST and supercropped down.

Maybe in the end this could be a good supplement for the bottom of the Grobo facing up, too?! That would be pretty sweet.

From the pic, is that what you have going on there already? Kinda like the Terrapin video?


Nothing particularly special about the current setup. I just threw em in cause I couldn’t help myself lol. But I’ve already purchased the supplies for my next endeavor…

I will say…I have noticed a change in the plants look. However I must accredit most of that to the actual grobo seeing as how I’m in my last couple weeks of flower.


Still that’s cool that they fit underneath an established plant like that. Looks like you lollipopped most of the lower bud sites off but I don’t see why the light wont be hitting from the bottom too up as far as it can, only would add not subtract as long as there isn’t any light burn or anything weird!

So you have the same fans as me, do you run this light strip out the front right side of the door w/ the fans as well?

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I’ve utilized the space in all 4 corners of the unit. Just depends on the placement of my Mods.
Hence my deep seeded desire to carve into her beautifully fabricated metal frame like a
Jack-O-Lantern :jack_o_lantern:
But it’s manageable so as of yet…cooler heads have prevailed. The potential light burn will be on the top of my list of: potential threat’s to the crop on my next grow which will be a funky lookin KOSHER KUSH from I believe some cali seed bank…???
I’m finding it interesting to work around certain “design flaws” (opinion).
Gorilla glue gun & Amazon…MAN I LOVE THIS COUNTRY :peace_symbol::children_crossing::recycle::bulb::battery::money_with_wings:
Don’t mind me…I stay high :sunflower:


Very cool idea. I love watching people build those small stealthy grow boxes on you tube with lights strategically placed on sides, etc., and I’m amazed by their yields.


Absolutely incredible. That’s what gave me so much confidence going into growing. Once you have the opportunity to see this plants resilience and potential with such minimum assistance…your mind starts to develop ideas. Ideas like…the Grobo.
I’m not sure if it’s still because I’m in my first grow but I’m absolutely astounded by the grobo.
It’s conceptually simplistic for the current times. The functionality of the machine is what I find most interesting. I use to window shop for these “gym locker” looking abomination that only offered the “stealth” factor but nothing in the way automated controls.
We’ve become so underwhelmed with the “smart device” and it’s capabilities that we are unimpressed that this machine will grow “life” from seed with little to no assistance.
I cannot help but be amazed by the potential of new an innovative ideas like the Grobo. And you’re right the wealth of knowledge available to us will definitely make for some interesting development along the journey.
I will agree about the “stealth grow vids” on YouTube. There’s so many interesting ideas available.

:arrow_up:I enjoy Mr. Canucks vids. That guy’s the truth. Very interesting to see how he transformed the spaces he uses to produce some… Wow.


:heart_eyes: :star_struck:SGL does some pretty cool things too that are fun to watch.