Lateral and upward facing light

So i thought I read That someone had been using lateral light sources to get light to the bottom of the canopy and other portions of the plant that aren’t receiving adequate light. I thought about setting up a few flashlights to direct light to the exact spots I need. Then I saw a few light sources that are like mats that stick to the sides of the wall and I thought that might actually work well. Also anybody ever try putting a mirror on the top of the reservoir cover to reflect the light from the top? With such a confined space it is really imperative to maximize every square inch. I am very curious however about adding additional lateral light sources. It seems like this would be a good idea.



Here’s a couple examples of some people who have done something similar:

@Chem13dog has LED light strips inside the Grobo, or had them… not sure on the status of that currently.

@Vicc opened his door and used a LED to let the plant get some extra light (Not inside the Grobo) and I do believe he has some LED lights to add in the Grobo as a test for his current grow!

@Thatguyb.y uses foil in his Grobo, which I assume is for light reflection.

@SilverGrobo has used flashlights inside the Grobo… not sure on the actual effects of them??? Maybe she can answer that!

Also, I had used a LED headlamp as some extra light (which probably didn’t do too much) because my stalk on my first grow had a really bad blemish/hole in it, I thought maybe it would help to heal it with some extra light? Idk. Might have done nothing.


Wow. And thank you for all the info. I’ve got some reading to do!

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