Super Silver Haze ILGM (ILGM Growth option) 104 day

It IS a Grandmas Secret garden

I also have a tent. We should chat :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


@SilverGrobo thanks those are great! I use advanced nutrients pH perfect micro, grow and bloom, so I’m not sure what I would add to correct this if it does have to do with the nutrients. I do have them in the half strength feeding right now. Maybe I should do full strength and that would give her what she needs? Water change is tomorrow I might try that…


Sorry, Also running AN 3 series. Don’t mean to be ‘stalking’…

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Mines like 6 feet tall. I started with the grobo and the boxes because a friend gave them to me (was so excited the day I picked them up and actually had them in my possession)!! I just got this system and built it in a straight line just like the 5 gallon buckets in the tent.

I can’t wait to get something in it!


What’s that?

Advanced Nutrients 3 part base (Micro Grow Bloom).
I’d love to try fallponics, at some point. Those boxes are killing me. Definitely Grandma’s Secret Gardens. The company that builds them are not quite competent. Miine was built upside down - your cloner looks the same (I put mine on wheels - the Grobo is next). The tower looks right. Your friend is amazing. That shit isn’t cheap.


Man I love the setup

I wouldn’t worry about those leaves, they are clones they are half dead already.
I cut them off once they get too dead but those I would keep as they are powering growth.
The new life looks great and that’s all that matters during veg with clones.

those roots look healthy! you are rocking along dude!


@Ginseng here’s what she looks like today…


Still pretty green

Do you plan on topping her?

Personally I would cut all that small life bellow those browning fan leaves. (not all at once)
So it spends all its energy on new growth on top.

After cleaning the lower portion I would then start pinching the lower trunk to damage it so energy is then spent on the size of the trunk which will be the main highway to feed nutrients to the top.


I really hadden thought about topping it because it’s a clone. This plant is the first time I’ve done clones, so I’m new to them. I took 14 from the grobo and got all my friend going as well. I have the 6 left. The one that keeps going yellow which has been in the 5 gallon bucket for 2-3 weeks now and the 4 that just came out of the clone box into the new setup and one that hasn’t changed in size or growth for like 3 weeks but is still nice and green (this one is a mystery to me and I’m just keeping around to see what happens to it). I hope the ones in the new setup don’t yellow like the first set. I’m pretty sure it’s light burn. I got some pictures of the ones I had given away last night and there looking good, they are not in as much light…
I might leave this one pretty much the way it is and flower as quick as possible because it is in it’s on box and can be on a separate light cycle than the tent. I do want to do all the stuff you said the the other 4 in the new setup. Here I pic of the one I took the 14 clones from. I extending veg quit a bit to get them all before I sent her to flower


Clone update - She is looking amazing!


Amazing indeed!


Makes my mouth water!!


Haha i was about to say that too lol


I noticed the support via a stick or a string lets the plant spends more energy on its buds.
So I tried a few of the big ones so they can get nice and thicc


Damn!!! That 2nd pic… holy frost!!

That’s why they call it Super Silver Haze I guess!


Full on rails on those sugar leaves!


The clones are almost done


Clones Harvested they are drying for 2 weeks and then aging.

Great smell tons of trichomes!