Super Silver Haze ILGM (ILGM Growth option) 104 day + Supplemental Nutrients

Seed was the Super Silver Haze by ILGM

Grobo Recipes ILGM option Super Silver Haze

**Germination (Day1/10) **

This will be my second grow on this box and I chose the same seed to test out 3 new nutrients I will be introducing.

Carbo Load (early veg and late veg) + Big Bud (bloom) + Over Drive (flower)

This way I can compare a grow with and out these nutrients -

Does anyone have any advice on supplemental usage and what do you think of the line up?


Props for growing the same strain twice. I was tempted to re-try my Candy Cane autoflower seed but since my plant got too big for the Grobo I didn’t wanna risk it again.

I have Big Bud, Overdrive, and Flawless Finish to use this time around… I used Big Bud last time but I think I used it too early because my plant looked like it was flowering for a couple of weeks but focused on vertical growth and leaf production instead of buds. o_O Not much advice in that area

Keep in mind if your grow conditions are different that will change things too… this fall grow has already been a different experience for me vs. my late summer/early fall grow but so far I’ve been able to keep things more consistent because it’s much easier to heat my house up to 70-73 degrees than it was to cool it down when it was 90+ outside etc.

Looks like you didn’t cover the hole in the pod up with a piece of the pod? Any reason for that?


I did cover it just looks open from that angle and it was a small piece but its covered and wet.
I also have the Gold Leaf by ILGM but since the tents are still being used I want to wait until my second grobo is done to plant some Gold Leaf. This way the clones will be done and I can clone the gold leaf as well. I have 9 Sour D plants with 1 harvested from 1 seed and 7 Super silver plants from 1 seed with one 14 days away and the clones still in late veg. I love clones :slight_smile: Im also going to find out if their yields are inferior to the seed plant.

I was reading that for big bud to take effect you need to do the carbo load in the early stages.
Did you also use carbo load?


She is ready to go!

I’m on day 4 of germination and I wanted to start adding my carbo load.
When do you introduce supplemental nutrients?


Just entered early veg and I’m waiting for the next water change to finally introduce CarboLoad.


Did a change and finally added 10ML of Carbo Load I should be adding 15ML but I want to introduce it lighter and then up the dosage.


Full dosage of 15 ml of Carboload and 5th node toping


Some trimming of the dead leaves under and getting ready to train so she grows like my last one!

That baby leaf is kinda funny so I didnt trim it…


Looks like a clean cut! Great job. She’s looking great so far.

That little leaf, haha! It’s totally worth saving.


I removed her ties today so she can grow vertical as much before the flower phase.


Looking like her sister!


Dang she looks awesome!

I’m impressed by your cloning ability


Carbo Load and Big Bud appear to have made a difference in her physical appearance.
She smells different compared to my grow with out Carbo and Big Bud.


Do you have a pic of your grow without nutes at this stage? If you have to search don’t worry about it. I bet it’ll bud up like crazy!!!

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Dude!! You taking pics of your plant during lights off!?! With sunlight shining in there?!


Here is the entire grow with out extra nutrients. I like the smell better with out it but she looks stronger getting taller. The smoke test will be the end all to see if extra nutrients are worth it.

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Yeah she switched her light cycle and now I only have time to changer her water when she sleeps.I read her a bed time story to make sure she falls back sleep.


:muscle: :muscle:


Lil’ beast! Looking great!

Super Sativa looking leaves there on that one :slight_smile: as expected.


SSH grows like a beast. Cant wait til my Gold Leaf takes off like this… agh!!

These nugs look FAT!

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