Super Silver Haze by ILGM - First grow (from a seed)

That Screen must have took some doin :slightly_smiling_face:!!

Was the wait intentional or just a little late & its not the wire one that I’m Europe Waiting" for :thinking:??

Must say though that’s one nice looking grow m8 :wink:

Only hope my First born is goin down the same road :roll_eyes:!:wink:!..

Day 3/14


@Gmann - I found using magnets and gardening wires worked great to spread out the canopy before using the screen. (its a kitchen shelf attachment a lot of growers here use)
I was actually forced to wait to introduce the screen because my stem had dampened off and needed the wires to straighten out. That happened because my top float was not working properly. And because of that I was removing the plant a lot more often than I would have liked to check water levels. The screen would have made that harder.
Grobo support sorted me out with a new float and replacement directions the week before I was about to transition.
But I like the way it worked out, and I think ill do the same next time.
(except for the rot issue :wink:)


First week of Flowering. I added 1/3 amount recommended of Flower Stacker.

I had the Stacker left over from my patio potted plants. Decided to give it a try in the Grobo.


Awesome grow m8 :wink:
Only hope my First turns out so well :slightly_smiling_face:
Toying with doing my first top & maybe a small bottom trim but been advised to leave a little longer :wink:


@Gmann - Good advice. I think I saw that close up pic with your hand spreading out 2 fan leaves. I topped once when it look like that (the small node between your fingers) and it did not really work.
Search for topping cuts and you will see plenty of good examples and pics.

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Oh :hushed:!
Why ya think it didn’t work cuz it looks like it Did :wink::exploding_head::rofl:

Just having a chat with…

Really thinking about it :thinking:
Even though its my first grow apparently smell is a given yeah :thinking:??

Thanks for the feedback guys :wink:

Spose I better get my plastic out…Again :sob:!:wink:! Lol

I actually could really smell the plant for the first time when I was tucking leaves today.
So far I cant smell anything outside the box.

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Smell will come when it starts flowering more and produces trichomes, terpenes are contained within the trichome heads


Your plant is looking great by the way !


Ditto :wink:!!!

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I may have taken off too much. She was doing fine after trimming under the screen 3 weeks ago. But I think she was so bushy that she ended up with what looked like White Powdery Mold.
I took off all the fan leaves touching anything or blocking buds. Also added wires and guard rails to help them not touch each other or the walls.

Should I keep popcorn buds?


I would keep everything you have left, it looks like it can all get plenty of ight. I really want to see how this turns out. I have same seed from same company. This is where am at.


Sorry to hear about your white powdery mold. If you are talking about that 2nd leaf photo

This looks like early trichome development

You did trim a lot on her but I’ve seen worst and she will probably enjoy it once she recovers, just let her bounce back, extend her for another 2 weeks and watch her develop, she still have plenty of time to develop so just sit back and watch her grow (do as minimal as possible from here on out besides moving colas around to ensure proper light penetration.

Id keep the popcorn buds and sugar leaves, you can turn them into oils afterwards. I would’nt want to piss her off by removing any of the buds, leaves are okay but leave the buds alone now.


Ok, good - thanks. I was not sure if that pic was mold or trichomes, this is new and not necessarily like the potential mold or mildew I found last week. It is patchy like last week though.
I did not take any pics that day, but it looked like what I saw online for WPM. I also found condensation in the same spots a couple days before they started getting white patches.


Next time if you develop any kind of mold, mix half otc 3% hydrogen peroxide and half water and spray her lightly down during lights off with a fan blowing at her to dry her up. This will immediately get rid of any mold (you can literally see the mold disappear) and this will not impact your end bud quality. The plants actually likes the peroxide cleaning and respond well to it. With the grobo, I would stuff paper towels over the lid to ensure no moisture drips down while cleaning.


Good call @Vicc

@crasch do you have a Loupe or microscope of some sort? Take a look at the white stuff next time and confirm if it’s trichomes or mold that way. Should be a good way to tell.


Magnified with my phone.
I do see trichs everywhere now, but in places it seems to be growing something fuzzier.
I do have a microscope for my phone too; ~ if we need to get small.


They look like sugar leaves to me but it also sort of look like mold as well:

Have you tried cleaning one of the leaves with peroxide and water? maybe try spraying on a paper towel and rub the leaves.

Lets get small just in case


I am about to in the next few minutes, had to go to the store to get some Peroxide. I just wanted to take some pics and post them first.
There is something about the way it is growing on a few of them that reminds me of Spanish moss…

I did wipe down a couple leaves yesterday with a water only damp paper towel and those leaves look fine today.

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They really look like trichomes and looking at your buds, it looks about the right time for your leaves to turn white and frosty