Stages of lights

Stages of lights: my question/ issue is about the lights. I am day one here, and the question I am pursuing is why the light is bright. Is something wrong? I am confused what the light does when I just planted the seed and it is underground— maybe I am wrong but it could be an issue with the door. thanks in advance


I am also curios whether I should turn it off- and what happens when you unplug the device!? Thanks so much !!!

I do have a ticket open because I can’t seem to operate the locking door yet

Did you wait to hear the click after you pushed the back button or tapped the lock icon on your app to pull the door open in?


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LED’s are always super bright, which is why you should wear the appropriate led light glasses while working on your plant! Those lights can damage your eyes very quickly if you’re not careful! Rest assured the light in the box is spot on for the size :+1::v:


Yes— I have not got it “clicking“ yet. Anyways thank you guys for the tip on wearing glasses, but no, the light was so bright Through the door I tried to turn it off, which didnt seem to work right away (it took some sliding of the settings), Then when the time came for it to come back on the light won’t come back now— I have been looking at it for 30m and it says it was due on about 5 hours ago, and it hasn’t been on again yet, so I’m thinking the reason must be the door Has everything fouled up Since it won’t close— well, thanks.

Now I remember the :lock: for the light and it’s on again !!



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My lock wouldn’t ‘click’ either. Just take the tongue of the door and bend it upwards just a bit. You should be golden after that.

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This message had me so confused this morning — I was sure I couldnt find the “tongue“ without being prompted :sob:, but after I looked and tried a little bend, it works perfectly!!! Thank you so much!!!

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I am still curious, however— does the door being locked affect the stages of light? Because I am just not sure yet how it works since mine is just now closed!!!

Hey @TimA,

Awesome troubleshooting to get the door operating correctly! Here is a bit about how your lights work…

  1. In the first 3 stages, your lights will be on for 20 hours a day and off for 4. You can select what time the unit goes on/off, which it sounds like you have already discovered.

  2. Adjust your recipe by shifting your schedule (Extend usually) in stage 3 until your plant is big enough to reach the 2nd fan in the back of the unit.

  3. Once your plant is at the 2nd fan, you should be going into stage 4, Transition. Now your lights will be on for 12 hours a day and off for 12. This is when flowering begins.

Hope that helps a bit. If you have selected an auto recipe, the lights will stay on for 18 hours every day, regardless of stage. The plant doesn’t care, it will automatically flower. Not a big fan of auto’s in our system personally. I like the control photoperiod dependent strains offer.

Cheers & welcome aboard,


Thank you so much for the quick information!!! Now I am wondering if I have chosen the proper recipe for my seed— I know I have a couple of certain recipe, but not sure Which is which— I really just have a little grab bag, so I picked my favorite kind for the recipe chosen online. Will this keep me and my seed “happy”? (Provided It sprouts!?)

Hey @TimA,

Shoot me an email over to and I can help you further. I’m not pulling up a unit with your AG email.


The lights inside of mines are on but the Led light outside is off everything else is operational