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For some odd reason on my light schedule it says duration is 20 hours … I just started a new grow and my plant is looking very small . shes healthy not an auto but shes small i used the generic recipe because grobo didnt have my strain its an indica feminized … I think grobo is giving her 20 hours of light and 4 of dark which she might not like … just did ph probe everything is good ? has anyone els seen this or has had this problem ? do some recipes run on 20/4 light schedule ? and if so which ones run on 18/6 or 24/0 ???

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20 on / 4 off is normal for photoperiod!

Autos are 18 on / 6 off

Isn’t it strange how it seems backwards? I asked about this and no one seemed to really understand my question or why I thought it was ass-backwards considering…

Auto - Fast plants, more light = more growth = faster results
Photo - Slower plants, choose your own flip to flower = slower results


Yess i understand thank you , but with that being said the first grow i did was a photo and it was 18/6 i tried two recipes and there both 20/4 so i guess ill deal with that i was just wondering if grobo sticks to one or the other completely . Maybe the first grow i did was just good all around . She just got into early veg so we will see where she goes from there i still love the info you gave me from that !! thank you ! even if i knew it or not its always nice to hear it again to remember ! :slight_smile:

Here’s the info from Stephen about the light timing:

  • ([RESOLVED]):




For some reason i was thinking 18/6 was considered the more normal appropriate time for cannabis , sorry for the mis confusion .