Solved Noisey Airpump

Hey all. So I have only owned my grobo for a few days. I named it Farm-assist, and I am very excited to reap the fruits but I was very disappointed with how loud the air pump was. I don’t know if my pump was defective and thus louder than others who claim they can barely hear theirs but it was working just very very loud. For those who might have the same issue I thought I’d share my solution which was easy to install and super cheap. Below is a link to a youtube video I posted with the beginning of it being the grobo right out of the box and loud and then post air pump replacement… link to actual pump I used in the description of the video.

Pump that I found to be the quietest.


Interesting. The air pump is always what seems to plague customers most.

Mine is in garage, but this idea intrigues me. Would still be nice to have it more silent.

Did you research the air pump much?

I just googled quietest airpumps…

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These are the extra pumps I use in addition to the default air stone, as extra or backup bubbles:

When I first set this up these pumps were quite loud as the vibration was resonating through the table they are on.

I cut a small length of some (soft rubber) air hose and coiled it into an oval shape and rested the two pumps on that. They’ve been there for 6-8 months now and make nearly no noise whatsoever, I have to touch them or look in the reservoir to double-check that they’re still running.

Haven’t had to remove my grobo air pump but did have to move some wires that were vibrating and rattling against the rear panel in one.

If there’s a sound resonating through your floor you can try adding a dampener between the grobo and the floor as well.


The nano usb pump I got, can lean right up against anything and no vibratiions or noise. It’s quite incredible


The only other thing to consider is the flow. Is it quieter is because it’s only outputting about 10% as much? It’s 18L/hour vs the stock pump which I believe to be around 150-200L/hour.

If it’s making enough bubbles it’ll be fine though! If you run into oxygen issues or dried up cocopod can just add more pumps, too.


yay I can post real links now

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Do I have to take entire machine apart ?

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Please tell me how to do this

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It would be nice for grobo to have YouTube videos on how to change air pumps or air stone ect… cause alot of peeps like my self need directions and kinda have to be shown on how to do so would be great Liddell little video for your peeps?

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I saw your other video was great my man🤙

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Huge difference from what sound you had before

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Thanks, I am looking to change mine too. Mine is loose and even taped down makes a lot of noise.