Loud humming noise

Does the loud humming noise ever go away



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Morning @Devon_Stanle

The general consensus seems to be that when the power wires running to the air pump touch the metal wall of the grobo it creates a reaction that causes a loud vibration sound. You can try peeking in the small access port on the bottom and pushing the wires away from the wall.


Mine was very loud and after leveling it a bit more it seemed to stop. :woman_shrugging:

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Right now I’m enjoying a high pitched hum that seems to be linked to the fluid glass. It goes away when the glass is clear and comes back when the glass is back to normal. Waiting to hear back on a ticket I opened for this and another hardware issue.

I hear the humming noise intermittently. I just moved around the wires and it helped reduce the noise! Thanks.


Glad it helped :relaxed:

That’s a new one!

for the vibration/rattle noises I ended up adding a very thin layer of felt to the interior panels. Just adhesive felt. I think the wires are vibrated when coming in contact with anything air pump related. Then the wires contact the metal side or plastic water tank and make noise. The felt stops the rattling


My pump hose vibrates against my back panel because the panel is warped. After my grow I will silence it a bit by trying to adjust the panel.

I have had luck with physically putting pressure in some spots to alleviate the noice. However it’s unpractical.