Should I go back a week

Hey guys. I am at Day 18 of 23 of the Flowering stage on my autoflower.

Ive been having issues with the plant growing so tall it blocks the light. That’s obviously a bad thing.

Should I go back a week ?


Going back a week wouldn’t change anything.

This is the same thing that happened to my grow sadly… it wouldn’t stop stretching… all of my branches grew up to the top of the grobo and were squished.

Best thing you can do is to try to maybe supercrop some of those branches to get them horiziontally, or use magnetic hooks down lower on the branches to pull them up against the wall and downwards a bit. That’s kinda what I had to do.

It got to the point I couldn’t see what was going on in there or get to the back of the Grobo.

I also used a support rack to tie my branches down and get them horizontally, but then the front of my Grobo was super blocked out even worse and I felt like the back of the Grobo was just going to be a mess of wet leaves and bud rot eventually.

From the pics, it looks like you still have 4 more weeks of flower left at the least, there are only buds at the top of your plant it seems and they are very young.

I ended up cutting my plant down… I also needed another 3-4 weeks from where I was and my situation was pretty similar.

You can try to fight it out, but you’re gonna have to find a way to keep those branches down or they will burn. I had burnt leaves every day towards the end and I couldn’t even really see or get my hands in there to do anything about it since it was smashed up against the top :[

Here’s what mine looked like at Flower 9/30 … buds were still just babies and barely formed.

Towards the very end: This is my main center branch that I twisted like an S to try to keep it out of the light, still kept stretching upwards.

I cut my plant down on Day 57, Flower 17/30…

You can kinda see how I was using hooks to pull the branches down and keep them seperated and the green plant ties to tie them to a support rack to keep them horizontal. They grew upwards still each time and still kept going


One more thing, here’s another possible solution from @vegetato :


@pyromancy here’s what the result should look like in the end:


Yeah I saw his plant, definitely a great example! I waited way too long to do that, and had way too many hooks and ties on my stuff to be able to mentally conquer that task I think. :slight_smile: