Selective Harvesting

I think I’m getting myself in trouble again by reading :thinking: Anyone ever done selective harvesting? Harvesting only the top mature bud, leaving the others on the plant to fill out and ripen? Just something I came across and it kind of piqued my intrest


I haven’t heard of this yet. What r ur sources? I’d assume if buds forming on certain stems are ready for harvest than why not cut her off but then I’d also assume that it would stress her out(maybe for good or for bad) then harvest others :man_shrugging: Would need more evidence!

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You can google selective harvest cannabis for more. I kind of think of it as picking a ripe tomato. You don’t pull the whole plant because one is ripe. But like I said, thinking gets me in trouble :grinning:


Very interesting. I think it would be beneficial but in a larger grow environment other than Grobo maybe :man_shrugging: Definitely would like to hear what Stephen’s thoughts are on this​:call_me_hand:


So would I @Stephen


Your fine bro go ahead I know a very skilled grower that does it all the time :alien::+1:t4:





Also don’t forget Stephen takes a clipping out once in a while to check the Trichomes



Lol, there is a mantra in some grow rooms.

No Bud Before It’s Time.

Cannabis buds ripen at slightly different times over the entire plant. (When you send cannabis to a lab to test, the more you can send from the plant, the more accurate your reading is) Your apex colas exposed to the most light will be ready 1st, with the more popcorn buds often lagging behind. If you take your big buds off first, you can expose the undergrowth to more light and ripen them up further.

I don’t have time for this technique, and don’t practise it often. I did just re-veg an Obi Wan Kush from Canuk as they are out of stock on seeds and it stacks more than any strain I’ve seen recently, so it went back into veg after harvest. Took off just the buds and left the fan leaves and as much sweet leaf as possible. It’s now a big bush ready for me to make clones from.

TLDR; Growers choice. Harvest it all or be selective!



These plants are amazing! I saw pictures on line of a soil grow that had been harvested. Nothing but bare stalks. The grower set the container aside for a week. When he came back to empty it, it had sprouted leaves! I couldn’t find a follow up post to see if he re veged