Second try at growing-White Widow Auto ILGM [Harvested]

Thanks, I actually think ill swap to flush tomorrow. I’ll try and post better pictures


Started Flush today and excited for the results. :fire: Looks like there might be a large requirement in Trimming. :scissors: :balance_scale:

Tiny bit of dog hair in the one pic :sunglasses: :dog2:


Looking heafty!


Yeah that’s going to take your forever by the looks of it lol. Hopefully you got some nice buds underneath all that lol


I always wonder if people with tents harvest in stages or cut everything in the same day?


There are some that do. That would take a lot of patience :smile:


You get your friends @Bplatinum9 lmao. I had the wife and a buddy help me trim my outdoor plant from last summer, 3/4 of a pound, still took more than a few hours lol

I feel like with this WW here it’ll be more of a haircut style lol. Be there forever if you want to be tedious and get it right down to the stem


I actually had fun trimming my harvest but a tent might be a whole other beast!
I guess I’ll find out this summer! Plan on starting my first tent grow in march.



(Looks like you will have a nice Harvest Indeed): :herb::green_thumb:

(ISpyWithMyEyes): (:eyes:):dog::hair: :laughing:


:innocent: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :sparkling_heart:

((#Harvest)): :clap:



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Well went ahead and cut down the White Widow ~107 days maybe could have gave a little more time, but im ready for my next grow :+1: :slight_smile:

Tons of frosty trim was going to try and make gummies with all of it :candy:

Overall pretty happy, in the next day or two after a deep cleaning I was going to pop my Mephisto 4AM auto :monkey: :four_leaf_clover:


Congratulations @Enron. Looks like you got a nice haul there :beers: :+1:


Don’t forget you can use the stems for tea!


So I have my buds curing in a jar now, I had ~51 grams dry, and a ton of trim/sweet leaves. :balance_scale:
Was starting to clean out the grobo and start a new grow this weekend :slight_smile:

I was going to try and make a bunch of honey oil, anyone know if making honey oil is really smelly? Like someone across the street smelly or just the house might smell for a little bit smelly? :fire: :honey_pot: :oil_drum: :nose:


Nice haul!

RE honey oil - the smell will mostly be of alcohol (with a “trace” of terp smell) unless you are decarb’ing the buds in the oven first, that’d smell much more. One big thing to underline when doing alcohol extraction is to ensure adequate ventilation of the area being used to wash & evap. When allowing the alcohol to evaporate into the open air there is a risk of explosion if enough vapor collects and is then ignited. Keep sparks, flames, heat sources, etc away from the area and get that vapor out a window immediately (or do it outside).

I believe the risk is mostly when it’s all channeled in one direction and is allowed to concentrate in one area (like a cupboard) but in any event do not want to summon the fire department (or worse) over a few grams of concentrate.

Enough vapor circulating inside can also make some people feel ill/sick; especially if not using a food grade solvent.

I boil off and reclaim (expensive food grade) alcohol under vacuum and still make sure that windows are open and fans are blowing just in case some vapor escapes even though I’m using a fully sealed/closed system. If doing an extraction without the lab equipment I’d suggest purging it (of the alcohol) outside or on a balcony; just cover it with some material that keeps anything from falling into it.

There are some online communities that discuss these topics in depth; my only recommendation really is to do enough reading and prepare yourself in order to achieve a successful (and pleasant) extraction.


If you’re going to try making H.O. like vegetato said it’s just going to smell like your solvent. I made some recently using Stephens how-to video. Was pretty easy but yeah again like vegetato said you need a lot of ventilation. I myself won’t try it again until the spring/summer because the alcohol takes so long to evaporate off. At least it did for me in my garage. If you’ve done it before and know what you’re doing then nvm lol. Just remember safety first! :+1:

Congrats on the haul :beers:


Making concentrates


@Russel_Richardson Roughly how long did it take to evaporate off like 4+ hours? :alarm_clock:

Thanks for all the info! :slight_smile:

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Yeah it took something like 5+ lol. I had my fan blowing on it but it was freezing in my garage, it’s not insulated so that’s why I think it was taking forever. I ended up bringing it inside and just opened all the windows had it under the stove hood.

I feel like the time would be half that in spring/summer temps

Here are some pics from an extraction I did a few weeks ago. The material used was whole buds, broken up as one would do to roll it with. This was just a test run in a new environment so I used some buds from a jar that had been forgotten about during curing/burping (about 2oz) that didn’t smell or taste very good but are very potent.

I’ll be doing the other half of that soon to free up the jars to do a run with the trim from my latest harvest. It’ll be my first extraction from grobo material! The trim from my last grow was donated so I didn’t get to process it myself.

Here it is first laid on the silicone mat, it was actually a bit too thick I should’ve left more alcohol in it at this point:

This was after about 18-20 hours under vacuum:

It just peels off: :banana:

Got a bit carried away rolling the last bits off the parchment paper and created a spear: :bow_and_arrow:

This is the slab that turned into:

This is that slab folded in half with a backlight:

Put it back under vacuum and low heat (about 45-50°F) for another 12-16 hours:

It still doesn’t taste the best, exactly like the flower tasted like – but now that only has to be overlooked for 1-2 puffs instead of a whole bowl or fattie. The potency was too good to just toss this away and the taste wouldn’t have made good edibles. It was great as practice material. :slight_smile:

PS I don’t recommend silicone mats that have stuff printed on them. I soaked, wiped, re-soaked, re-wiped this one (using isopropyl alcohol) until the paper towel stopped coming out blue/green. In the future I plan to use the rear side of it until I get a better one.


Looks awesome!

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