SCROG’ing the Grobo

Haha man, and you KNOW the in-depth discussions we have had about this baby haha.

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For anyone wondering, this scrog method probably helped my grow more than I’ve realized! Was a little scary at first, just have to be gentle!


Growing through nitrogen deficiency, but all new growth is nice and green and she looks to be stacking well! Could be a decent yield after all. Flipping to transition very soon :pray::pray::pray:


@drewcmpbll when did you start scroging/training your plant?

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Around May 18-19th ! She is a very slow grower :slight_smile:

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Update! 3 days from entering flower!!!


So the issues with the leaves is related to the root rot? Good job with the canopy

@Jamminbear Good question!!! Thankfully, I’ve never had root rot (I THOUGHT I did: visually, the roots were just stained from Nutrients), but I protect against it with UC Root (in Canada).

The deficiency was probably a high PPM, a result of the extra supplements I was adding.

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Any idea what the ppm was when the damage occurred? Mine is also very high (Between 1500-1700 PPM700), allegedly due to additives that I have since discontinued use of (Recharge & Revive). Hoping to see a drop in them soon as I have noticed the water clearing more and more with each water change. That said, PPM is still at the same high levels.

@SWSVIC I JUST read your post regarding the same thing. Process of elimination and lowering the dose pushed the plant through to where it needed.

Without being able to see any data, it makes it difficult to make immediate changes. I suppose one downfall of the 24 hour ticket.

As well, I firmly believe the seed is a lemon and the recipe isn’t dialed in. This will be nearly a 175 day seed-to-harvest.


*** also @SWSVIC *** and to clarify for any readers. Grobo did not recommend I add any of the suggested products. I did this on my own with a little experimenting along the way.

I “feel” the lower dosage of supplements benefits the plant in the long run and reduces the build up of any other residues. Again, just my thoughts - perhaps next grow will better!


Agreed, a more refined regimen of LIQUID additives is the way to go. I like to tinker and push limits too much to just let Grobo do it’s thing haha. (I mainly chose Grobo for its compact size and sleek discrete design.)


Hi SWSVIC I believe you swapped out your recharge. What did you replace it with trying to figure out which will work best in grobo.
Thanks in advance if you have any recommendations.

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I replaced it with a product called Mammoth P. Results thus far have been awesome!


Nice thanks :+1: Happy growing!!

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Day: Long Time

We’re into flower, Let’s see what happens!


You are a man of persistence and loyalty!


They say “complete your first grow”… 100% will be a different game for Grow #2!


Harvest Day! I didn’t bother to weigh it wet, I’ll check dry when finished


Wow that looks like a really awesome strain… what is that?

Nice job on the ScrOG, something very pleasing about looking at plant that has such a nice spread on it. Short and stocky in the end but those are some really nice stacked colas… very specific bud sites. I’m curious to see your dry weight because it seems like looks can be deceiving and I think those buds are super phat looking :slight_smile: Like a less is more type of thing!