Rusty leaves

Yes sensia


There are issues with that plant for sure. I would open a ticket but wouldn’t be chopping more off yet

What issues?

@Stephen I have a ticket open already, do you have any insight to offer? Also the roots are fairly dark in spots… and there is a slight order in the reservoir…

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(The leaf tips look like they are discoloring some as they try to balance your nutes): :leaves:

(Your roots look good): (The stink under the lid might just be [FishTankStink]): (No slime on your roots means healthy):

(Just make sure the [SupportTeam] are aware of your issues and they will work with you on this grow):


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Exactly like a fishtank smell

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Those roots don’t look good. Beginning of root rot maybe. Definitely email support a ticket

Knowing the water temperature would help to rule it (rot) in/out, any idea what that number is?

The aim is to stay 70°F or lower or to mitigate with something like hydroguard.

Don’t have a water thermometer but the grobo it’s self is around 79f

Too hot you need to put a fan behind it and perhaps add water or top up daily to bring the temp down.

Hard to tell if it’s root rot yet, but I do recommend hydroguard as a preventative measure.


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Just stick them on the wall and other end in the water.


No it appears I must have some kind of pest as there is this little chunk of leaf missing when I went in to trim her a bit.

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:hushed: I didn’t think this would happen in a Grobo. Interesting. Is your unit by a window?

Nope and I have not seen any insects anywhere.

Wow, maybe use one of the sprays recommended on here for pests just in case?

Just new growth not bugs…we all have the same thing happen time to time.


At some point was another leaf touching or pinching that leaf as it was growing? I’ve seen similar markings where one leaf sticks to another and then causes that after a while. It starts small but as the leaf grows the hole gets bigger as the leaf does.

I wouldn’t assume bugs unless there was more than just 1 spot like that or a sudden increase in the number of such holes. Definitely check under the leaves to be certain. I have only seen caterpillars and larger insects take such big holes from the center of a leaf, which is probably unlikely.

That said, I do see 3 spots:

Do you have any past pics of that region from a week or two ago?


not close up… but i think there was some yellowing there a few days ago…

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Yeah I don’t think its bugs.
Just something caused that. Not sure what…liekly during development

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