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Just Win Baby!
Week 5 Flower

Week 5 Flower
She is short (stunted just like they say) I topped and cut :scissors: and Auto too much. She a runt…Yes, she at max height and she barely reaching the 2nd fan…:pleading_face:

But she still making Huge Flowers :bouquet:

She just might give me 50+ grams of densely grown nugs :crazy_face:


Round 2 is underway.
Dropped a Hulkberry seed and a Lemon Cake seed today.

These babies :baby: jumped out the seed in 12 hours!

Hoping to transfer these girls in about 4 to 5 weeks.

I Also sprouted some Bruce Banner Auto clones to test out the Grobo starters for fun. They sprouted roots and dropped into the water!
These will continue to flower :blossom: and swell up like lil lollipops :lollipop: :rofl:. I will dry and cure them. They will be nice little nugs.


Are these considered clear or cloudy?

Bruce Banner Auto in week 5 flower. I have 3 weeks left According to the schedule. I want to harvest when cloudy just before the amber… Please advise.


Round 2 is underway. No better feeling than having a grow going good and another one the way right as scheduled.

Life is Good in the Grobo Start!

My Lemon :lemon: Cake and Hulkberry have life and they are reaching for the sunlight!

I also have another Bruce Banner Auto taking off in the Grobo Start. Amazing care of my girls. Just as planned. :sunglasses:

Perpetual harvest monthly is the goal. Having a plant in every phase at all times. Awesome :ok_hand:


@Todd.grobo I took all of my fans out of the box. Nothing but the Grobo fans. The boxes are quieter and the plants 🪴 have not changed. To be continued…

We may not need all of the external fans ect… Money wasted :thinking:.


Nice trichomes. :+1:t2: My vote is they look mostly cloudy and getting read to turn amber. Looks like maybe there’s a couple in the middle left that are amberish. Looks amazing :star_struck:


Good shots @DRaider
I would say that mix right now is 50/50 a mix cloudy, mix clear. Consider where the bud is located as compared to the rest. If you’re going for as low Amber as possible, I would keep on your current track as it will pretty accurate.
Good little read.


I appreciate the confirmation of my analysis!
Your heading into winter, you’re going to have a killer winter harvest for sure!


The Grobo fans do little to nothing IMO, probably why they removed them in the Grobo 2. You see comments all the time here, people aren’t even sure their fans are even on.

I already have a 2nd fan ready for the Grobo 2 and going to use it.

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I removed them to reduce my noise. I understand everyone has a fan on their plants. I just asked the question, was it necessary? What do I lose/gain. They make additional noise. My 4 boxes are in an open living area.

I am Going to observ mY ladies closely the next few weeks. Not to sure if I need extra fans or even the Grobo fans :thinking:.

As long as I keep things dry and the humidity in range. Things should be OK. If I am wrong, I can just put the fans I have back in the boxes. I spent $12 on 12 fans.

In the Grobo 2 with the door closed, you can not hear much at all. I am standing between the Grobo and Grobo 2 and the original is way louder and that is even after I already replaced the air pump before. So the original Grobo, would be 2-3x louder with the original air pump I am guessing. Big difference.

Your not going to get quiet with the original one if that is what your looking for. I already tried and replaced what I could and it is still nosey. Probably going to sell it and get a another Grobo 2 as that fixes a lot of things. I tried taping the edges, removing the air pump, and so on.

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After replacing the pump, it is quieter. Not silent. I am satisfied. I was thinking about selling my boxes and upgrading to the Grobo 2. I am going to wait on the 3.0 version. I think they will make another change.


After having the 2 together, you don’t really need another fan in the Grobo 2. The one included is almost to strong, I have it aiming semi up right now. I am going to check it a few days then I might even send back the 2nd fan I bought for it already. Not sure it would be needed as might be to much air then.

I have 2 Grobos going not even 10 feet from me and with the kitchen TV on, dont hear anything. With the TV off you hear a hum kind of. When I go in the room where the 2 Grobos are, right away, you hear the original Grobo way louder than 2.

I wish they would make a double unit


I wish we played the Raiders more often. Got em in preseason!



Multiply your 2 sound by 2. During regular living hours, not a big problem. But when nothing is on in the house, they sound like a diesel truck. My kids complained so I to do a change.

Canadian football league? Lmbo

It’s funny, back in the day when in high school, we played 4 down ball. It only changed when at the college level and up. Never could get into watching the CFL.

More people at Doak Campbell stadium watching the Noles than at most CFL games, lol.


Been a raiders fan since I was a kid. Hope you’re doing well brother. Probably going to harvest my first grow Sunday. I learned a ton and this time I’m gonna fill her up.


@STANK Raider Nation to you my Brother :sunglasses: Your Lady is looking really good. Great job.

My Autos are almost ready. Top buds trichs are mostly cloudy with some yellow tops and a few of what I think are amber heads are forming. Lower buds and inside are mostly clear trichs. I am going to observe closely the next few days. Schedule says I have 3 more weeks of flower…I did extend a few Times and these are Autos :thinking:.

Some say they don’t like this part about Autos… I like the uncertainty and the feeling you get when you make the right decisions.

Should I follow the Grobo Schedule or follow my gut with what the trichs are showing?

I plan to flush 7 days with 3 or 4 drain n fills.