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What’s the trick u found helped to keep them at that height? See most ppl saying their auto grew out of control even with LST.

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No tricks. I LST throughout the grow. If I see a cola shoot up, I bend, curve, or clamp it down. Some I will repeat the process. I would rather have a short plant 🪴 than run into the lights.

GROWING in a box and sometimes IN a tent. Light burn due to height sucks the most to me.

I learned from experience. I had some beautiful buds burn :fire: up and All I could do is watch the light burn the top buds. I was told I could cut the big beautiful top Buds away early to ripen the lower and save some of the harvest. Too much stress :weary:

So far so good in the Grobo. I have one short and one that is landing just about perfect. I am getting better at driving the Grobo and that is the key.


I seen earlier in the post u said u topped them? Do u always top ur autos? If so is it also the same time as u would top a photo?


I always top my plants. Auto or photo. I generally do it twice. 1st when it has about 3 layers of leaves and again once that top had grown out. Topping is automatic to me. No matter the strain or type.

The More colas the more flowers :bouquet:


I’m learning that now. Thankfully we have people like you to share and give us a good start. Appreciate it :+1:t2::sunglasses:


Topped 3 times and did HEAVYdefoliation on day 22 and day 42 of flower. To me flower starts on day 1 of transition so from that point day 22&42 thick dense ass buds. Sticky Vicky.


The height you have is perfect. When the plant is done growing and the buds are swelling, the height should be right at the Grobo sensor. About 8 to 10 inches from the light. Perfect!


Is that an auto stank? If so u guys are doing good with the heights on them. I don’t want to be 1 of the few that have a height issue and get discouraged.


A lot of times, autos are shorter and bushier. I have a Skunk female I am worried about trying in the Grobo as many said it can outgrow it, unless you want to fuss a lot. I really don’t want to fuss :grinning: so probably going to skip it for a few grows. Also most say to not top or really lollipop autos, but some still do.


It’s a photo. Green crack fem. I transitioned 2 inches below the bottom of the 2 nd fan because I don’t want to deal with height issues. I did heavy defoliation to stunt it’s growth a bit too. Truth be told I should have let it get a little taller befor flipping but all in all it looks, smells and feels freakin amazing.


Thanks @DRaider. It is close man. They are still growing and stacking. Super excited. How’s your girls doing?


You have got it going on @DRaider I am really looking forward to getting the gen 2 box with the built in fan that you can move around, have a couple strains going at once! Want to get a couple successful grows through my first so I can tweak her and get everything how I want it!


@FireGuy This is off topic but I took off all the pop corn buds and lengthy stems on mine with little buds now have about 6-7 inches of main cola on each branch! hopefully get some nice dense buds now.



I am amazed each day. The girls are moving along quite well in the Grobo boxes. I used my scope today and wow…

They still have 4 weeks to go. Sticky Buds


Very nice. Gonna be a heck of a harvest.


Trichome development is unmatched imo compared to any other medium. Looks great!


Silver n Black
Bruce Banner Auto
Week 1 Flower :blossom:

Growing like a Superbowl Champion. Full n Healthy.

Had an issue with a leak, pumps, and hoses. Of course, just when my girl needed me most.

I submitted a ticket
@Todd.grobo responded. I submitted more information and he shipped what I needed.

I had to install the drain pump and hose assembly. Not too bad taking the door and sides off of the Gen 1 and seeing how the constructed the box. @Stephen would also add, I got to trim my girl up VIP with the sides off. Bottom line is the box is mechanical and it will breakdown. Knowing you have help that knows their craft and the unit gives me confidence I have made a solid purchase. Grobo Support hooked me up really quick. Not perfect, but Damn close.

No Leaks

She about to get a trim and a massage :sunglasses:

Go Raiders!


Lemon :lemon: Haze Auto
Week 1 Trans

This girl is loving life. She has been smiling since birth. Almost like she can’t wait to show me what she can do.

I just trimmed her pretty good. Took all the fan leaves that blocked sunlight. Left some for balance and photosynthesis. Exposed bud sites to the light.

She looks beat up afterwards, but this is perfect :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: to her. Almost like a late spring storm… A little stress and then some love (sunlight & fresh nutes). Gave her a hug and some magic :tophat: :sparkles: :hugs: juice.

FYI, this plant is an Auto Growing in the Grobo 1. Been topped, cut, and will receive LST throughout. She is growing like any other plant. She is just above the 1st fan after today’s Love session. By next week she should be just under the 2nd fan with some white hairs ready to go make some awesomely huge Flowers :blossom:. :sunglasses:


Looking good! Right behind you with my Sativa, she’ll catch up soon.

Thanks for the kind words and support, we’re always here to help make growing easy, however we may do that!

I can’t wait to see all four of your first harvests, thanks for sharing them.


Week 2 Flower :blossom:
White hairs just started to show
She has been cleaned and given a shower in magic potion.
Atleast 10+ major Bud sites exposed
Removed all unnecessary leaves :leaves:

This is the Before Picture :camera_flash:

I plan to post an After Pic on Wed or Thurs night :crescent_moon: :thinking: … Let see how this goes :sunglasses:. Hope she is standing tall reaching for the Sun :sun_with_face: