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I know boiling it in hydrogen peroxide is a good option, or letting it soak in bleach water overnight is another viable option, just don’t know what you do with yours and proper procedure!


Please see the question in this string.
Best way to clean air stones after a grow?


Just Win Baby

Doing great. About to go into Flower later this week. All is good

Silver and Black

Was looking weak an pale. Has recovered great. I think it was hungry. Once it hit vegetation and got nutes, it started to respond. I had the same issue with 1983… may need to skip ahead into veg with this strain.


Bushy as ever. Hard to trim with so many leaves :leaves:. She is dark green and responding well. Doing some training to fill all corners of the box. I extended her in veg a week to separate her and JWB. She has a lot of white hairs now… Buds are going to be huge.


My newest girl is Lemon :lemon: Haze Auto. Born in the Grobo Start and transplanted on 10/10/21. She is on day 8 of Germ. Nice beautiful roots. Spiking all over the pod :sunglasses:


I fill enough to cover the stone only and its usually like 25% of the bottle of hydrogen peroxide, id have to check size but grocery store size and the rest water. Let it sit for a couple hours. Fill and drain. I usually replace the stones myself usually after 3 grows which is just over a year


sweet, thank you sir, also how often do you replace your EC probe I am assuming less often than your PH probe or both once a year? thank you sir, by the way everything is going amazing with my grow it has probably been nice not having a call from me every other day! LOL


All good here. 4 boxes growing and healthy. Same environment.
Room 74 degrees
Box inside with light 84 degrees
Water :droplet: 79 degrees :heavy_plus_sign: Hydroguard
Humidity low 50s

Box 1 - JWB
Bruce Banner Auto
Flower week 3 :grin:

Textbook grow. Some height concern. Buds are forming and connecting. Dark green leaves :leaves:.

Box 2 - Silver n Black
Bruce Banner Auto
Last week of Transition
Going to Flower :blossom: :cherry_blossom: on Friday

Tall in the back so I bent some stems today. Cut away the extra. Told her I love her and she smiled :smiley: back!

Box 3 - 1983
Bruce Banner Auto
Flower week 3 :grin:

She is dense, short, and determined. Not quite to the 2nd fan but it is an Auto :sunglasses:. Let them do what they want. You just guide her home…
Buds forming and swelling. Sticky n smelly. Dark green leaves :leaves:
Just Fatten Up Baby! Go Raiders!

Box 4 - RN4L
Lemon Haze Auto
2nd week of veg. Going to extend a week. Trimmed her lower and took larger fan leaves :leaves: today. She is progressing perfectly :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.

The Grobo box is awesome! All healthy growing plants 🪴 :relaxed: :blush:.

I am still giving different nutes to each box noting the differences. I cut and trim a little daily. I drain n Fill on Friday’s and top off every other day.

Happy Growing!


I will be growing auto Bruce banner by ilgm it’s also an auto. I hope mine looks as tasty as urs! Do u like to do autos? I see that lots of ppl don’t dig them that much is it only becuz of yield or what? I have yet to start a grow I don’t have my grobo yet so still curious becuz I have no hands on experience yet.


I like Autos and Photos.
I just caught a deal on the Bruce Banner Autos. They will take some adjusting. Many opinions on growing, cutting, and Cloning. I just grow as big and strong as possible. I like the hobby.
Next round, I plan to grow some photos.


Just gonna point you here for an opinion on autos in the Grobo.


All plants can grow to the roof and burn. All plants can do things we don’t predict. All plants can get sick and stay short. Autos are just that. Unpredictable. So is the whole journey inside a Grobo.

I have one that is short but it has the most dense buds ever. Dripping wet with trichs.

I have another that is a textbook Grobo grow. Right height, right canopy, and buds growing sticky just fine.

Each will provide 2 to 3 Oz once harvested. Only took 120 days. I do not see the problem.


Hey raider when I get mine up and rolling I will be ur new best friend! U have a positive look on autos and I want to learn all I can becuz I have 15 auto seeds and I’m not changing up yet.


I don’t think one is better than the other. If you have the seeds, grow them and see what happens. The Grobo will help keep the environment and nutes correct. That is half the battle. You just have to be ready to react to an Auto. The Photo, you can plan the transitions and other things better.

They both produce the flowers :bouquet: we love :heart: :heart_eyes:. How much and how pretty depends on many other factors. Some we can control, some we cannot. So we react and wait.

Kind of like life. Go to an interview and wait, have a kid and wait, buy a car and wait, eat at a fancy restaurant and wait…Some turn out great, some, not so great… we still try.


Very nice


What’s the trick u found helped to keep them at that height? See most ppl saying their auto grew out of control even with LST.

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No tricks. I LST throughout the grow. If I see a cola shoot up, I bend, curve, or clamp it down. Some I will repeat the process. I would rather have a short plant 🪴 than run into the lights.

GROWING in a box and sometimes IN a tent. Light burn due to height sucks the most to me.

I learned from experience. I had some beautiful buds burn :fire: up and All I could do is watch the light burn the top buds. I was told I could cut the big beautiful top Buds away early to ripen the lower and save some of the harvest. Too much stress :weary:

So far so good in the Grobo. I have one short and one that is landing just about perfect. I am getting better at driving the Grobo and that is the key.


I seen earlier in the post u said u topped them? Do u always top ur autos? If so is it also the same time as u would top a photo?


I always top my plants. Auto or photo. I generally do it twice. 1st when it has about 3 layers of leaves and again once that top had grown out. Topping is automatic to me. No matter the strain or type.

The More colas the more flowers :bouquet:


I’m learning that now. Thankfully we have people like you to share and give us a good start. Appreciate it :+1:t2::sunglasses:


Topped 3 times and did HEAVYdefoliation on day 22 and day 42 of flower. To me flower starts on day 1 of transition so from that point day 22&42 thick dense ass buds. Sticky Vicky.


The height you have is perfect. When the plant is done growing and the buds are swelling, the height should be right at the Grobo sensor. About 8 to 10 inches from the light. Perfect!