Pruning during Flowering

@Azuri @Stephen

Is it a bad idea to remove big fan leaves in the canopy during flowing? Should it all be done before flowing stage has begun?


Hey @Gatorsfn28

There’s a few things to consider. How many weeks are you into flowering? Cutting one fan leaf won’t be a problem, a huge haircut could be an issue. This is my go to guide if you’re at three weeks or less and you should be ok, fan leaves only.

Go to the section of this guide titled “ Flowering Defoliation #2 (Last Major Defoliation) – Week 3 of Flowering Stage“

Hope that helps!


Great response @Azuri!

I agree with Nebula, but would stress caution for newbies. To quote your reference material…“Each leaf provides energy to the plant, and I cherish them”. I recommend starting slow, you can’t put them back.



I’ve read his guides multiple times and his advice is solid. I’m also a fan thanks to you and the AG community with the site below, a wealth of info too.


I trimmed the hell out of mine lol. I think it turned out fine lol


So when they say 3weeks into flowering is that the week after transition or 3weeks after flower? Confused because I know that transition is really the beginning of flower.

Technically flowering starts the moment the light schedule gets flipped to 12/12. Transition refers to the plant changes that are taking place like stretch and a switch of energy focus from veg to flowering.


Great read, thank you!