Power supply burnt out [RESOLVED]

I got stuck after the smoke came out from the power supply



Did you put a Ticket :ticket::tickets: in and get a response yet?.. :thinking:


Hi @SilverGrobo,

We are in touch with @20012001 through support. This user somehow exported their unit to Japan and has plugged it into a different power rating than used here in North America. A replacement power supply won’t really solve this issue.



I know this is an old post but my solution to that is I use a Uninterrupted Power Supply. if the power goes out and hopefully i’m home you have enough juice in the UPS to be able to unlock the door and just keep it closed but not locked.


So if one was to import one to europe, then as long as I find a replacement converter that delivers 24V DC and 8.3A it should be safe right?

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I am not sure on how the power coverage is…
If I was you I would call or email the Grobo support group to find out before you take a risk.


Hey @Nitrid,

We highly advise Grobo users to not use the product outside the US/Canada for several reasons:

  • It will void the warranty which greatly reduces our ability to assist with any issues that may occur

  • We are unable to ship repair parts outside of the US/Canada

  • The unit isn’t electrically certified or tested to work in other countries so you run the risk of the unit not working or damaging the unit

  • You may not be able to connect to WiFi and therefore not be able to use the unit as that feature hasn’t been tested on products and networks outside the US/Canada

  • We will be unable to ship the accessories needed to grow in the unit outside the US/Canada

  • We are unable to assist with shipping the unit outside the US/Canada

Any use of a Grobo outside of the US/Canada happens at your own risk and we encourage growers to not do so.


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Ohh I see. Well then I will sit tight.

By the way I love the responsive support you guys give here, I´m not used to that with other companies. Can´t wait to try your products. :grinning:

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Thanks so much @Nitrid,

We can’t wait to open up orders to our friends overseas, just need to be able to support ya’ll properly, so we want to do it right.




((#WelcomeBack))… :wave::wink:

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