Getting Grobo in Russia

I think Iโ€™ll make a bunch of mistakes because Iโ€™m from Russia) Therefore, I immediately apologize for my English.
I read your review and thought a lot.
I considered Grobo as a fully automatic system: planted, poured everything, closed and after 4 months you harvest.
As it turns out, this is not so.
To get a good harvest you need to turn off the automation and manually control the process โ€ฆ ((((
And also, when delivered to Russia (through intermediaries), it is generally unlikely that it will work with me. But if a miracle happens and Grobo comes to me and works, God forbid something breaks))) I canโ€™t order anything for myself, replace it, etc โ€ฆ

I wanted to ask you if you compared Grobo with other manufacturers, maybe you can advise something?

Thank you in advance for any comment))

I donโ€™t know yet)) How customs looks at it))
But what do they have against growing tomatoes on my balcony?))) :rofl:
Tomats, basil, etc.) Do not you grow this?)

But seriously, thatโ€™s why Iโ€™m friends with you) Iโ€™m looking for ways to get this thing)
Now Iโ€™m working on a lot of options)

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You also have to understand that no matter what the plant is your growing, the problem with buying overseas is not just the legal angle but includes electricity use.
Plugs will be different and parts will be banned for shipping.

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Plugs (socket?) - Yes, there is no problem, an elementary adapter.
In terms of voltage, I think that 220v is enough?)
Why is it prohibited to ship? I think a lot of equipment is being imported to us from the USA and no problems.

The warranty is removed, but I am ready for this because I understand the complexity of such a service.

At this stage, I see three problems for myself:

  1. Delivery
  2. Correctly master the device (the correctness of following instructions - difficulties in the language)
  3. Order additional accessories, spare parts, broken parts.




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1, (Delivery) There has been success with freight shipping.
2. (Language) Grobo support is very helpful with or without a warranty and donโ€™t mind sharing info and diagrams. Allgrowers forum is also there for anyone needing direction/info.
3. (Replacements) Thus is the only area you wonโ€™t be able to get help from. You may have to cross ship to somewhere close that can get u.s. Shipping then transport/ ship from there!?

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Helpful information)))
And what power is required for the Grobo?
converter that delivers 24V DC and 8.3A it should be safe right?

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  1. I need someone to send it) And there is no problem. After all, manufacturers will not be able to send Grobo, because it is prescribed that delivery is only the United States and Canada
  2. I also think that Iโ€™ll figure it out. Will the application work in another region? Because I canโ€™t find him in
  3. I hope nothing will break and it will not come in handy))))