Potential integration with Alexa/IFTT/Google Home etc

I have a little too much time on my hands this morning and I find myself sitting around smoking a joint and talking to my light bulbs (disclosure: these are “intelligent” light bulbs and do in fact listen to me when I speak to them through my Echo dot.

This got me wondering what potential ways we might be able to integrate our already network connected Grobos into our “smart” homes.

I can get rather lazy after partaking with certain strains and wish I could unlock Gertrude (what I have named my Grobo) with my voice in these moments.

Any other potential scenarios where you see possible voice enabled smart home integration?


We love this idea and have been talking about it in the office for a while now.

“Gertrude, open sesame”

“Gertrude, begin drain”

“Gertrude, stop drain, STOP DRAIN, STOP DRAIN!!



AI is the future and getting devices integrated with Alexa/IFTTT/Google Assistant is just part of the technological evolution. I wished I could give more feed back on the use case, but I’m still waiting on my grobo when I placed an ordered on January 4th.

In theory this sounds like a good idea with the natural evolution of IoT. On the other hand, there’s no way I’d want my Overpriced Nightlight (as I’ve come to call my Grobo) connected to my home unless I was growing garden vegetables. Not all of us (ME) are in legalized states…yet.

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@Stephen @OhNoGro is grobo currently able to “listen.”


Haha I have a camera on my grobo listening and recording everything




((#TheMoreYouKnow))… ((#Legal))… :wink:

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Your still waiting?? I got mines really fast where do u live.

I live in California. Initially, the delays were due to the government shutdown. Then it was due to finding a shipping carrier and now who knows.

I live in California too. I bought mines through Amazon. It only took 10 days from start to finish.

You dont like the nightly glow?? Its my daughter night light to the bathroom lol.


I got mine directly from grobo :man_facepalming:. I’ll see if I can cancel and reorder

Your super far into the process dunno if you can do that. But it doesn’t hurt to try.

Holy crap, this just gave me a really good chuckle. :slight_smile:

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I ordered mine Dec 20th last year directly from Grobo and had heard the same thing on delays as you. The guy, Jason from support kept in contact with me throughout the process (or maybe it was the other way around) regardless, mine had finally arrived a little over two weeks ago. Good luck with this!

This is amazing

I ordered last week of December. I got it end of 2nd week of January.

I would love if the sensors (temp/humidity specifically) were Zigbee / Z Wave compliant. For those of us who use external heaters/humidifiers/dehumidifiers, this would be so much easier to trigger those devices on/off based upon events from the Grobo sensors.

Perhaps this could be a hardware upgrade for those willing to dismantle and remantle their units.

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Has anyone tried using smart outlets? They can be controlled over wifi from your phone while you’re away and also with Alexa/Google Home. I’m going to be outta state for a few days and was considering buying one of these. Any thoughts or opinions? I’d be using it strictly from my phone, I don’t want Alexa in my home! :smile: