Plants over 40 days but under 60

Breaking out our grows from the main posting might make it easier for those in the same plant stages

As you can see day 43 shes big and fluffy. By the looks of it lots available for super cropping in a couple week’s

Also I am losing an average of 1.2 inches of water a day from the unit due to growth and evaporation. Without a refill or top up mid week she would go dry before my Tuesday recycle currently priced out at 1.99 every week buying filtered water from coop in exact requirements.
She is an indica. Blueberry strain of some kind.


@Todd.grobo Plant is looking good! Have you done any topping or FIMing?


@Todd.grobo plants looking good man can’t wait till I’m around that area I’m only on day 14. Should we start a thread for plants up to 40 days ?

Yeah man keep the topic similar

Not yet @Azuri soon though.


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There is a spot for plants under 40 days, you should move this there! But it’s looking good so far!!


Oh no, I just got busted by the forum police. Damn!


Past the first fan now on day 48


Lookin good!!


Your plant really bounced back!


@Azuri how did you become m” champion” what is the process


Good question, I’ve been here since May, The forums were pretty quite just a few people posting then a wave of new Grobo’s hit the streets and more and more people starting chiming in. I can’t shut up so yeah @Stephen asked if I could help out. It was just my timing, knowledge level and interaction with users I would say. As it stands it’s in its infancy and there are many far senior Champions here that may know more. The champion forum is disabled until things are set up so I see what you see. :wink:

Once the summer vactions are done there should be more insight on the Champions, As it stands right now it’s non functional title but with a goal to help out or point people in the right direction or answer questions if we can as well as keep some organization and structure to the forums like us hijacking this thread, lol.


Day 56. Not going to be much room to shoot up! Lol


Looking great @Todd.grobo

Was that an auto or a feminized seed? I can’t remeber if you mentioned seed type anywhere.

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I am fairly confident it’s an auto but well find out.
It’s a blueberry indica.

I’m no expert and really new to growing from seed but from what I’ve learned is that autos typically start flowering 2 to 4 weeks after going into veg stage. At two months I would think your plant should at the very least show signs of flowering?

Was it bag seed or from a seedbank?

Hard to tell exactly in a photo but it looks like you’re at the 2nd fan as far as height goes. Add in the stretch after she enters flowering and you’re going to have to get pretty creative to make sure your buds don’t get to close to the light.

Personally I’d get some advice from @Stephen and switch to flowering as well as supercroping based on his input if you don’t in fact have an autoflowering plant. Do autos even go through a stretch phase?

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I’m right there with you Azuri, seems she is in permanent vegetative growth. Great for a mother plant, not so much for one you want to harvest soon! ToddYYC and I are in communication investigating recipe vs strain. I’ll be flipping it to flower asap on the schedule side. Actually replacing the recipe with a non auto one.

You may want to top it, that will slow it down a tad while going through transition, super crop for sure.



Knock Knock, guess who’s here. :joy:

Day 40 today and with that comes some updates. We added 11 days to my veg stage as I topped the plant at day 25. As of today I have 9 more days of veg before hitting flower so it was time to pull out the Fiskars again.:point_down:

Here’s she is at day 40 and with this last topping I’m looking at 4 main colas in the center and some really healthy side shoots.

A little side view as you can see she just breached the first fan height. With the latest topping, stretch and supercroping if needed should put us in a good place come harvest time.


@Azuri looking so good!
I can’t wait to post pics of mine in a Few days. The amount of new growth that’s happened just in the last 3-5 days has been insane.
Since you had 11 days added to yours and I had my recipe backed up 10 days, I think we are almost back on the same path with the same strain. Although yours is still looking better.
Funny that the height is not past the first fan. I know this strain is shorter, not taller… but I expected a little more height.


Day 57. Just did some trimming and getting her ready to jump. Looking very healthy. So far only 8 leaves I’ve pulled lower down for turning yellow. ! Today was a drain and fill day so nutrient dump to help her recover. @Stephen has swapped her over to 12 hours. Based on root growth I expect her to fill the unit.